Sunday, 13 November 2011

Snuggles on Sunday - Mother & Son!

: As #1 is away, we have a slightly curtailed edition of our Snuggles post, but we do have rather a fine photo to start it off for you. It's not quite a snuggle shot, but here is Tommy relaxing with his Mama, Minnie!

Don't they look happy together? And here are Minnie (L) and Emily (R), relaxing in the garden:

Before she left, #1 managed to get in some snuggles with "The Big V":

And Sei-Chan, The Beebs and Genji also enjoyed some shared nap time with #1:

As for me, what can I tell you, Dear Friends? I was otherwise engaged...

Wishing you a Snuggly Sunday.


  1. They are lovely snuggle shots. Hope No1 is having a good time. Although that must be hard away from you all.


  2. Good times for #1 and great snuggles for the lot of ye! Love the pictures, and hope to see more when #1 gets back home. Take care, be safe, be nice, and come when you can.

    The 6 Mouskateers send their love to all at your house.

  3. How lovely #1 got to have snuggles with Big V!

    The piccies of Tommy and his Mama Minnie are so wonderful to see.

    Hope you are all having a relaxing sunday.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  4. Tommy, you have a good-lookin' family!

  5. Those are some terrific pictures. Vidock is looking really good. The doggies are so darn cute.
    We want to thank you for making the auction so much fun with all your bidding. It is over tonight so if you don't mind, could you send me your email address. Mine is Thanks so much. Marg

  6. #1 has struck lucky with the weather it is lovely in the UK this weekend.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hi Tommy
    san says she cannot tell the difference between your mom and you. I told san that it is only right that family look like each offur (Hmmm...although my family looks furry different) :)
    san says you're all very handsome and i agree totally.


  8. What pawesome shots!!!

    I love them all - and khan almost taste chikhken ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! Once again we khan see how good looks so RUN in your furamily! Thanks fur the kind words fur Fargo's Human Assistant - The Nice Jena Lady is furry special - she even helped my #1 pretty up her resume last year!

  9. What a lovely and loving set of pictures for us this morning. xoxox

  10. What lovely, joy filled photos! Just what we need on a rainy Sunday morning. Little Emily! Delightful! Her pose reminds us of one of those Staffordshire mantle dogs mum loves so much ( but has no hope of owning). Little Em's picture might be even better.

  11. We hope you have snuggled well, and are not too lonely in your abandonment. Your #1 will soon be back - just as ours leaves. Pah!

  12. Even if it is sans #1, I hope your Sunday is easy and snuggly!

    (Of course, we will be whapping here as usual.)

  13. We think Tommy's family are all fine looking woofies! Mommy wants to know exactly how many times Vidock has his pink nose spot kissed...she LOVES it!

  14. We can definitely see the "family resemblance" with Tommy's mom! Is Emily also a relative?

    Sweet cuddles! We better go see if Ms. C needs some from us.

  15. Great snuggling!! Tommy, you look so happy to be with your mama!! How nice that she came to visit you!!

  16. we love the snuggling wheres that #1
    Benny & Lily

  17. I love love the photo of your mommy and Vidock, Just so sweet and happy : )

  18. Whoa! We thought we were seeing double! What pretty dogs. And kitties & horse, of course. We hope #1 has a safe trip. Its a good thing someone came to stay with you so you don't get too lonely. Poor #1 won't have sweet kitties to keep her warm at night.

  19. Tommy looks so happy wif Minnie! We send kisses to Vidock's soft nose. It looks so inviting!


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