Monday, 21 November 2011

Manly Monday

: I think I mentioned the other day that Dr. C gave #1 the go ahead to throw the Frisbee for me again whilst keeping an eagle eye on any possible limping as a result. I am happy to report that so far, so good! It seems I have forgotten none of my skills!

Here it comes!

Got it!

Back to #1!

All paws crossed that I won't have any more ligament problems.

Bibi-Chan: I fear that #1 has been rather slacking on the Beebography lately. So, I've had to go back a few weeks to find this:

And this:

And then this from when the pipsqueak muscled in on my bed. As you can see, I am firmly holding on to my tail!

Genji: #1 says that my "procedure" hasn't slowed me down one bit!

I still consider it very manly to nap tucked up against #1!

And of course I went and plonked myself down next The Beebs too!

Vidock: Just one shot from me today, showing you my muscular, and highly muddy, self trotting along in the autumn sunshine:


  1. Now THERE'S a gaggle of manly man cats/horses/dogs!!!

  2. So many great photos! And we're so happy Tom isn't showing any limping symptoms. (PeeEss - if for some reason you think jumping for the frisbee might make things worse for him in the future we recommend the ring zinger - it's used to throw rings that go along the ground rather than in the air so the dogs don't have to jump, which supposedly reduces the chance of injuries.)


  3. We're feeling quite faint from all the manly testosterone on show!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. As always, great manliness at your place. Tommy, you've got mad frisbee skills!

  5. Bibi--that is so unacceptable. I think ignoring your human for awhile is an appropriate response.

  6. Oh Vidock! You're a dream come true :)
    Tommy we hope your leg ligaments are nice and strong for evermore!
    Genji, it looks as though you love everyone now and everyone loves you.Sweet!
    Beebs...stunning as usual!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  7. I like " pipsqueak muscled " too : )
    and Genji, You are so cute !!!! Mom said " Smoochie !!!! "

  8. I had a feeling that Genji would not be slowed down for too long by his operation - mine, being a girl, was more complicated and I slowed down for maybe an afternoon! Everybody is looking fine today, and paws crossed that Tommy's leg only gets stronger!

  9. It's a good thing you know how to keep a safe hold on your tail, Bibi-Chan. Such skill is not to be undervalued.

    Tommy you sure do look like you have an eagle-eye. A super trait! Genji.... if that's not mischief we see in your eyes then we aren't cats and we'll eat our hats!

    Vidock, have you been taking lessons from the geese that live near our house? Ms. C was out for a walk this morning and saw some brown birds that were supposed to be white flapping in a mud puddle. Hmm!!

  10. Lots of happy pictures! We are especially happy that Tom can play frisbee again.

  11. All of you mancats are really peppy and strong. I am impressed with Tom. He is baaaaack and with such great form!

    big bonkies to all of you

  12. Tommy,glad you can chase the frizzbee again. We mancats love all of your Manly Monday pictures.

  13. Oh fellas!!!!!!!!

    My heart is a pittin' and a pattin' -

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - do woo think Vidock would like Frisbee too?

  14. All handsum mancat, er, horse, woofies! Good to see you back wif the frisbee, Tom! xoxo

  15. We are a bit overwhelmed with the manliness of it all!!!!

  16. Tommy, we are thrilled that you are in frisbee form again! Bibi, we know what it's like sharing a blog...what a pain, huh?
    Mommy thinks Vidock has a nice bum, hee hee!

  17. We are in a fit of RAGE. We cannot believe that, due to Äiti's neglect, we missed the opportunity to bid farewell to Gen-Chan's 'bits' and they were removed last week when Äiti was off galavanting and we had no blog access. We are so so sorry as we would have wished him well and offered therapy for his recovery. Instead we read about it too late on 'manly Monday'.Pah pah and treble pah.
    And then we see all the treats your #1 bought back from the UK. And what did we get ? A missing suitcase. And what's more, nothing in it for us.
    Perhapos we can move in with you. ? Is there room for 14 ?
    With most humble royal apologies to you all.

  18. We love to see the brothers together! So adorable. Love to see little Genji really belonging.

    Vidock! What muscle you've added! Goodness! When did all this happen? Is it just now, with the camera angle, we notice this or are you at the age when boy horses fill out? Looking most manly! Hope you always keep your lovely personality.

  19. P.S. Hurrah for your leg, Tommy! Kisses and hugs! Now just keep that labramenace away from you during play and all will be well.


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