Sunday, 19 June 2011

Snuggles on Sunday and a Thank You Note

Lately, the weather has been very stormy, #1 has been running around like a madwoman, and we have had sick (human) friends and Bridge crossings around us, so snuggling has been even more important than usual.

I personally have mainly been snuggling with Tommy this week:

But my Bibi has been having marathon snuggle-fests with #1!

Snuggling AND playing with the camera cord. NB: See Sei-Chan watching?!

And Sei-Chan has been very snuggly with #1 too!

We also have a special message from Vidock:


Our friend Ms. A was very touched by all the nice comments on her loss of YOU yesterday and asked us to include a special thank you message from her to all of you. She may be French but she certainly writes excellent English!

Ms A : To all of you who commented on YOU's departure, thank you so very much. People like you, that I do not know, give me hope in the human race. The day we will loose that beautiful compassion, that capacity to love and protect defenseless non-human beings, we will cease to exist as human beings. And, yes "he was a beautiful frenchie (who loved foie-gras whenever a tiny "tartine" was left over from an aperitif )", and yes, "it is not fur ever". We will all be re-united, someday. This is a horrible moment, but with time, it will become a very precious memory. Thanks to friendship from close or unknown friends like you, it has been a little less painful. So many laughs, so many hide-and-seek fun times with Mister squealing-plastic-carrot, so many hugs and kisses (tremendous snoring in bed, too). He was always sick, but we gave him ( and he gave us) six wonderful years of love and fun. And you'd better not have entered my study when I was working. Because 25 pounds as he was, he was not scared of anyone, and he was ready to protect me ( 130 pounds and 5 f 8 i). True love is pain and crying at some point. But it is worth it. Make the most of the love and the wonderful time and accept the hurt. It is the deal, and it is a very fair one, I think. For you, a picture of YOU, two winters ago, we had a lot of snow (for us). He was furious : he could barely walk and could not lift his leg to pee ! Snow has unexpected side-effects that we, humans, cannot fully grasp. Thank you so much, to all of you and to Ms V, number one, for her wonderful friendship and for her love and true understanding of little fur soul-mates. Take care.


  1. OMC ! I'm brown away by Vidock's SMOOOOOCH !!!!!

  2. I love Vidock's smooch! And Ms A may now know a little bit how much the pet blogosphere can make someone feel a little less alone.

  3. We love seeing all of you snuggling!!

    And we are so sorry to hear about You. We send comforting purrs to Ms. A and everyone else who is missing You so much.

  4. What a furry special message from a furry special human!

    Please thank her fur us!


    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Do woo think Vidock would smooch me like that?

  5. How kind of Ms A to come and thank everyone for their kind words on her sad loss of YOU.
    We have enjoyed snuggle Sunday again this week.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We luv Vidock's smooches because we have no horses in our house! san says not even in our garden! We would NOT like snow and understand what YOU was feelin'. When ya have to go pee, you really need a good place.

    the amigos

  7. I love seeing all the snuggles! I had some good snuggles wif mama yesterday. I was so sorry to hear about You.

  8. Such wonderful snuggles and the bonus smooch was whiskery-tickly! Maui says he'll be over toot sweet to snuggle with Sei-Chan--watch out, he's pretty wiggly today!

  9. Wow, I have never seen horse lips up SO close!!! Makes me happy they are vegetarians, MOL!! Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks so much for sharing Ms. A's note with us.

  10. Thank you for sharing Ms. A's beautiful note. It's amazing how a six year old little dog like You can make such a mark in this world and in the lives of so many people. You certainly is a once in a lifetime dog. Run free, You!

  11. We loved little You's photo in the snow! That is as tall as he is!

    Now I am going to go find a place to snuggle like all of you chans...

  12. Thanks for the kissie, Vidock! Your lips look funny and cute!

    ps: I am very sorry for the loss of YOU. It is clear he was greatly loved.

  13. That's a great picture of YOU. I love the 'thank you' message from Ms A. I hope there is something I can do to cheer her up.

  14. Vidock
    Thank you fow that specktacoolaw smooch!!!!!! Muwahhhhh to you.
    All of you have snuggling down to an awt.
    I'm so sowwy fow the loss of youw fwiend YOU. I have not been able to get awound to visit my fwiends lately and didn't see it. You's Mommi wote a most bootiful lettew..I hope hew heawt heals
    smoochie kisses

  15. We loved the snuggling photos and Murray particularly loved Vidock's smooch! Brillant!

    That was a really lovely note from You's Mom.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  16. You's mom's message made us purrr.

    I had no idea how soft and wonderful Vidock's smoochies would be!!!! It tickles!!!!

    xoxo Cory

  17. Please let You's mom know that it gives us hope in the human race that there are people out there like us on the CB, that love and care for their furry loved ones. Purrs for them. And, snuggling is a very important thing. Especially during hard times. Nosetaps.

    Pee Ess - give Vidock a kiss for us!

  18. I am very sorry to hear about You.

    The Snuggle photos are so cute. :)

  19. We did not know YOU but it is very clear he was truly adored and will be forever in her heart. Oh, horsies velvety noses, at least Teri told us they were!


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