Wednesday, 15 June 2011

HOUBIBI strikes Again!

Bibi-Chan: When, on Manly Monday, I complained of not being able to find any exits to the cat run, my friend Sparkle wrote "Bibi, although #1 thinks she has you foiled, I would not be surprised if you figured out another way to do your escape act! You are, after all, an Aby!!" wrote. That girl is amazing as well as beautiful and, later that afternoon, I did indeed find an opening! The best it is that #1 didn't even realise I was gone for almost an hour!!!

So I romped and explored...

And then, the inevitable happened. #1 and Tommy came out and she brought a bribe...

It was prosciutto! WHO could resist prosciutto?!

As you can see, I managed to lose my collar along the way and she hasn't found it yet. As for how I got out, it turned out that the backhoe had accidentally nicked the netting on the side of the run. It has now been repaired. It was a great adventure, though!

And would you believe it, all this time, Mama-Tama sat like the Queen she is in the run, not even considering joining me in my romp!


  1. I knew it, Bibi! You just cannot resist adventure. And I am not surprised you lost your collar along the way.

  2. Oh my goodness! The Great Houbibi adventure continues! You give us all a fright HB-C!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. Conscat Bibi !!!
    You will safe, You are with Tommy : )

  4. We are all chorusing away to 'The Great Escape' here. Go HouBibi! You are the very master of finding the holes. And that was a might fine adventure. But we are very glad you are back

  5. Once again, I must paw how woo are channeling your inner Husky!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! The bribe would so work fur Mom and me!

  6. Houbibi is indeed a very appropriate nickname for you.

  7. HouBibi, you are putting Bad Ideas in Teddy's head!

  8. Oh that Beeb! Wonder where that collar is?

  9. Adventures are fun ~ but we're glad yoo got back home safely.

  10. Naughty Bibi - don't you know it is not nice to do that to #1. Thank goodness she and Tommy found you - please don't do that any more. We just want you to be safe.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. We knew you wouldn't be defeated Bibi - fancy your momma leaving #1 to look for you - we would have been out of there like you were!
    Raising a glass of nipitini - here's to next time!! We hope #1 will let you come to our party tomorrow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Houbibi lives on! We are glad you made it home safely after your jungle adventure Bibi.Don't feel too bad about giving up your freedom for prosciutto -it is tasty ham..we wouldn't have been able to resist either!
    the critters in The Cottage

  13. What a fabulous adventure you had!

  14. Houbibi! You are a wonder. I'm glad you didn't go too far afield and you're right, who could resist prosciutto? :)

  15. Oh Bibi, be careful! It's a big bad world out there! Poor #1 - you must have had her so worried!!

    Keep safe!!

    - Clive & Co

  16. Another one, Bibi!
    Glad you came back!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Beebs! We know it's so exciting to use your world class escape artist skills, but it can be a very scary world out there! If you are going to break out, make it even a greater game by breaking back in again!
    It's lovely that Tommy can get you to come home! And proscuitto! Who knew! Anyway, we are glad you are safely in your beautiful habitat. Take your cue from the elegant Tama! Enjoy all of the lovely things you have at home.

  18. are a Houdini, Houbibi!! Mama has to have eyes in the back of her head to keep you corralled!

  19. Bibi you little sneak! I would try that here too if I thought I could get lovely HAM!

    Purrs, Banshee


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