Monday, 10 January 2011

Mega-Manly Monday!

: I have a rather unusual Manly Monday offering for you today as it is not about me! You see, the other evening, # and I were watching a show on TV called "Send In The Dogs" which is about police dogs in London.

They use a lot of springers in the London police force, many of them as drug dogs, and I was so impressed to learn about Woody, Vinnie and Paddy that I wanted to introduce them to you!

Please meet: Vinnie


and Paddy

They are all trained to sniff out drugs and often work in subway or railway stations:

But during this programme, Paddy was going through the various tests to see if he could become a marine police dog (actually river police as he would be patrolling on the Thames). It was quite a challenge:

But he came through it with flying colours! So three cheers for these very manly springers!!!

Of course, I wouldn't want you to forget what I look like, so here is a very manly photo of me with my girlfriend Damia, taken in the big field a few days ago:

Bibi-Chan: I wonder if I could become a sniffer kitty? I bet I could! But, in the interim, I think it is very manly to play tug with one's woofie brother...

Followed by a little Bitey-face!

Aside from that, I really do not understand why #1 keeps laughing every time I sit here...

She keeps making snide comments about "Roast Beeb" for dinner but I am simply supervising kitchen activities and making sure she prepares my meals on time!

PS: As you can gather, our Internet problem seems to be fixed. Everything started to work quite normally again last night... In other news, our beloved camera has just gone to the repair shop as it has several things wrong with it. It's still under guarantee so fingers crossed it will be as good as new when it gets back. But in the meantime, we are using our old-old camera so will be a bit limited in what we can do


  1. If I didn't know better I would swear that was photoshop. What a cool job. But the test was hard.

    Regarding your question, Clive would be a good old dog for sure.


  2. I think we have seen that very same episode! Aren't they amazing?! Our mum is a little bit obsessed with working dogs. She always hopes she is the one pulled over for a sniff at the airport, mol.

    Beebs, we'd nom you up anytime! :)

  3. That is a very manly post. Our Beans watch Send In The Dogs too. They like Vinnie the best because he shares his name with our dad.

    We like to sit on the cooker hob too, but since we have an electric hob and not gas, it takes a while to cool down after use. The Mum is always very careful to place saucepans of water on any of the used rings.

    Glad your internets is fixed. Ours is too!

  4. How kind of you to let Tommy win the tug competition Bibi!! We love to see the programmes about those very brave sniffer dogs - it is just amazing what scents they pick up in crowded areas.

  5. This is a majorly manly Monday - we are very impressed. Äiti thinks Roast Beeb is very funny and wonders if there'll be Yorkshire pudding. We will get our revenge for such frivolities for you later if you like.

  6. those are some furry speshul woofies!!

    Roast Beeb, - that's funny but we think it's a bibbun warmer

  7. That police dog show looks very interesting. Tom, we are sure you could pass the training too.

    Bibi, don't burn your buns!

  8. Those police dogs look and sound very capable and interesting.

    Bibi-Chan, you definitely like to get VERY up close with the meal preparations, don't you?

  9. Be careful that your buns don't get too warm!

  10. Springers can do it all! And your bitey face game was very manly.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  11. Tom, you and your girlfriend look very nice together :-)

    And Bibi, supervising kitchen activities is a very very important job - not a laughing matter ;-)

  12. Tommy, your relatives in England are very brave dogs! We are sure you would be as good as any of 'em!

    Bibi, if you sit there at the wrong time you'll have hot, cross buns!

  13. Wow Tommy sounds like a great show. You and BiBi could be sniffers in your free time
    Benny & Lily

  14. Wow, those sniffer dogs were so handsome. But not as handsome as you, Tommy - that pic of you playing tug is so good - love that look on your face.

    Now Bibi - we think you like to live waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too dangerously - please be careful.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Bibi--don't get too warm! Tommy I think you would make a great candidate for the police dogs.

  16. Hiya Tommy - we think your London cousins are very brave. FH used to see dogs on the beat when she worked in London, she was always impressed with them.

    And watch your butt Bibi - you don't want to be TOO toasty, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  17. Glad that your internet problems are fixed. :)

    Those pups are cute and smart. Way to go!

  18. Tommy, those sniffer dogs are brillant! We love watching programmes like that - Clive gets very excited when he sees other dogs on the telly - especially when they bark!

    Lots of great photos today despite your camera difficulties! Glad you got your internet connection sorted too!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

    ps-has #1 seen the Temple Grandin movie - it was one of the inflight movies on the plane last year when we were going over to Petey and Murray's Dad watched it and cried and cried!! But he can get a touch emotional at times - he can't read Sorcha's stories for instance, without getting upset!

  19. I love the photos of Bibi-Chan on the stove! I laughed out loud.

    My dog once had to go through all those tests, including being suspended in a harness like the one in the photo you showed. She came through great, and was allowed to go into training as a search and rescue dog (with me as her handler). When she was suspended about 50 ft in the air, she kept wagging her tail and making herself spin :)

  20. Bibi, I think sitting on the stove must be a mancatly thing because none of us girlcats have ever done it, and the one cat of human's who ever did was a mancat from many, many years ago. One word of caution: he did get singed once!

    BTW, my human's boyfriend's camera went on the fritz while still under warranty and was fixed right up! (Well maybe not RIGHT up - it did take a while). Five or so years later and it is still working!

  21. Bibi, don't roast your bum, OK? We don't need 'hot crossed Bibi bun.'

  22. Those three woofies must be very smart!! And Bibi, we love sitting on the stove too...especially when the over is's so warm!!

  23. Cute and smart woofies. Becareful Bibi, you don't want a roasted butt.

  24. Chans and Springers and Britts OH MY!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Thanks fur the pawesome post! Good lukhk to #1 and the khamera!

  25. I have seen that episode! We love that show in my house.

  26. We are so pleased you got your internet problem fixed!

    We fink you are far safer at home Tom enjoying life with your paws up than being a Police dog. They do an amazing job.

    Yikes we understand about roat Beeb..a most dangerous place to sit!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  27. What valiant dogs! Intelligent and hardworking. God bless them.
    Oh no, darling Bibi sitting on the burner. Watch out, we don't want a rump roast!

  28. Mishamummy says you've got a "hot botty", Bibi!


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