Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

The best news around here is that the weather has been fine and so we have all been spending a lot of time in the run. #1 says the biggest challenge is opening the flap in the morning with 4 cats all positioned to go through it simultaneously!

Here are a couple of shots of me contemplating the world from one of the raised platforms:

And on my trunk, just as I saw something exciting (not sure where my ears went...):

But of course the best location remains one of the sky hammocks - so perfect for a little bit of fresh-air grooming!

In other news, look who's moved in to one of the fields near the house?

Charolais calves are particularly adorable, as they are all white and pink!

And look who was occupying the sofa last night!

Her 'Peiness, ViVi, is staying with us for a few days and Tommy, being the perfect gentleman, gave up his spot on the sofa to her.

Last but not least, the door to MY kittening room is closed shut again, and #1 keeps going in and out. We are all accounted for out here, so what on earth is going on?


  1. Oh, so much in one post! Firstly, you so look like a lioness in that photo in your sky hammock. Queen of the Jungle is you. Second, love your new neighbors. Lucky for them that the lions stay in their run. Third - love to see a rested Pei. Tommy is very much a gentleman to give up his spot. They don't make them that way anymore. And finally - a mystery that will keep us sitting on our haunches waiting to fine out what's going on behind the closed dooor. Like I said, this post is as full of goodies as a pinata.

    wags, Lola

  2. Tama, that first photo would also be perfect for a Frootbat post!

    Hmm, if Vivi is staying for a few days, is there anybody else staying too?

  3. Did Vivi bring kittens?! And perhaps a very beautiful Vina Del Mar?!?! We can't wait to find out!

    And our vote for best thing about today would go to that first photo of you, Tama-Chan. Stunning!

  4. Tama-Chan we had to read your post twice there was so much information to absorb and it seemed as though you must have dictated it to #1 all with one big breath.
    #1 had taken some lovely pictures of you. Tom is very much the gentleman to give up his couch spot to ViVi and she looked very comfy there.

  5. oh no, what IS going on there ?

    cute cows!

  6. We love a good mystery...can I come over to stick a paw and a nose under the door to find out??

  7. Woooos! Nothing like a mystery to nose out....I want to see a picture of 4 kitties trying to go through the door at once!
    Oh yes,congrats on the mouse kill Yuu-Chan!

    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. We like those moo cows. We can only imagine what you all look like trying to get into the run all at once.

    WHO is in the kitten room?!

  9. MOL Has yoo all actually tried to git out at once? We can picture #1 trin to stop the stamped wif hands and feet flyin. MOL


  10. It looks like a lovely day. I wonder what is going on in your kittening room? Fascinating...

  11. Oh Tama-Chan, you are thinking really hard we see. BOL Hope you are having lots of fun in your run
    Benny & Lily

  12. Tama-Chan you are so stunning I could gaze at you all day. I can't wait to find out more about what is going on in the kittening room now!!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. Tama-Chan you look beautiful in these - the sun always brings your fur color out so nicely! We are glad that you are getting a lot of time out there!

    And it must be fun to have ViVi visiting you - Tommy must be excited!

    And we are so curious what is going on it the kittening room!!

  14. O mai goodness! Mystery at the Poupounette! How exciting! We can't wait to see what's going on in the kittening room!

  15. Now we are intrigued. Just wot is going on? Do please tell.

  16. wuh-oh. better get on that case, Tama, and start doing some snooping around at that door.

  17. I see something exciting, too! A bootiful ladycat! *swoons*

  18. The pen looks like a nice place to hang out. ViVi is adorable. And so are the calfs!

  19. You guys sure are nice to share your space.

    Is Tommy playing with the new field friends?

  20. We love those little calves - they are so cute!

    Looking forward to hearing what the 'news' is ...

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  21. Tama-Chan, you look so regal in those first few photos. Now what could possibly be going on in that back room?
    We are so not surprised about tommy - he is such a rare love.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. We think there's someone else in your kittening room!!

  23. hmmmmm, baby cows, could that mean it's time for baby KITTENS!?! We think it's time for further investigation.

    Once again, Mommy wants Tommy to come live with her!

  24. Man I wish we had an outside run to play in. Plus like the sight of future roast beast.

  25. Tama chan you are just so pretty sitting on your raised platform and the hammock - we can see the glorious sky in that pic!
    You are so elegant and cute!!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & pricilla


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