Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thei-Chan's Thursday Thieving.....

Sei-Chan: Sssssssshhhhhhhhhtttttttt.... don't tell anyone, but I am hijacking the Thursday post. You see, #1 is going away for a few days and she is leaving on Saturday morning, so I won't get a chance to do my usual weekly post. So, I have done the only thing possible and availed myself of Thursday. As I am still officially a baby, I have been known to lisp while pronouncing my name, so it's all good, right?

I would like to kick off with a response to a comment by our good friends at the OP Pack the other day. They wondered whether Tama-Chan offered grooming services to me too. Well, actually, I am more than capable of attending to my own needs, like so:

I have been a very busy girl lately. Tama-Chan and I discovered the wooden cross beam under the eaves in the study and we love getting up there. #1 has kindly repositioned our biggest kitty condo to give us a launching pad.

The most fun that Tama-Chan and I have is to wait for the other to get up on the beam and then plonk ourselves down on top of the cat tree to block the downward passage! Hee hee hee...

Of course, I also take very seriously my important role as #1's precious baby girl and devote a great deal of time each day to supervising her work and enhancing her productivity:

We'll be doing a jumbo post tomorrow as we won't be blogging for a few days after that, so please come and visit us!


  1. Going away again? This has to stop, we need our daily fix. Climbing is so much fun and we totally understand you wanted to go up there.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post here!

  2. P.S.: Thei-Cahn, eh Sei-Chan, you are definitely getting into that age when in some pictures you look really grown-up and in others like a kitten.

  3. You're a girlcat of many talents, Sei-Chan!

  4. Oh, that does look like a fabulous place to jump up to, Sei-Chan! And while you are up there, you can dust for #1, too! Win-Win!

  5. That looks like an awesome place to watch all the happenings!

  6. What a wonderful cat house you have!
    Looks like a cat spa.

  7. Your cross beam looks like a wonderful spot to perch and watch over your home! We like the trick you girls play on each other:)

  8. Your house looks like so much fun! But be careful up there....I've attempted to walk across the trim in our house and it ended badly with a loud thud. Anyhooo.....I saw thieving and thought you might have a tasty tid-bit of delictable trash, as I tend to enjoy.


  9. It looks like you are doing a great job of being a cute baby girl Sei-Chan! :) Your bestest friend Setra is still Daddy's devoted love and throws herself into his arms as soon as he comes home. This is fine by me as although I love Daddy, he's just not Mummy! Mummy is my person and I loves her every day and bring her one of my mice every night to show her how much I care for her! :) Anyway it's a busy few days here, with a show on the weekend and D'boy going back to school next week... Better go and fur up his uniform for him while Mummy stitches in name tags! ;)


  10. That puts a khompletely difFURent meaning on the FLYING EARS pikhs!

    HeHeHe on the Thei-Chan!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  11. Hi guys! Nice to meet you - we always like making new friends! Shame we didn't get to know you earlier or we'd make mom stop by this summer for proper hellos!

    Bajas & Virus

  12. We wish that we had a cross beam!

  13. I want to jump up on that beam with you! It looks like a big bunch of fun!!

  14. What a fun place to live. You both are very agile and athletic - not to mention photogenic!!!
    Going away again? We'll miss you
    Ernie & Sasha

  15. Your house looks wonderful for climbing! We wish we had something like that. Instead, we just climb on top of bookshelves and furniture and counter tops. Our mom really "loves" this kind of activity at 6 am.

    9 and Chani

  16. Wow...that is one cool play area you guys have found!!! We wish we had something that high to climb up on! Mom has made us shelves that go up to the ceiling...but it's not the same! We hope #1 isn't gone too long!!! And it's good being the baby, Sei-chan! I'm the baby too!


  17. It is a furry and furry good think to be someone's special baby. There are lots of animals who are nobody's baby and wish they had a home.

  18. Aren't you the clever little kitty today, Thei-Chan? Thanks for letting us see how well you can groom yourself. That spot up high there is pretty far up - do be careful, please.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  19. Your mom is so nice to make that beam more accessible! we'll miss hearing from you while she's away.

  20. We will miss you while #1 is gone but we hope she has fun.

    I can't belive you are brave enough to go all the way up on that beam - it is so high. I would be nervous just watching you!

  21. Tinkerbell is madly envious!

    Looking forward to the bumper post later today!!

  22. OMC you are up so HIGH!! I wanna come and visit and go high too!!!!


  23. such a cutie - and so athletic but are you torturing your sister from getting off the beam - and i am sure you are very helpful to mommy

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ


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