Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Meet the Neighbours

Sei-Chan: We are finally getting a bit of rain today but #1 says that we need MORE! Anyway, we are feeling pretty lazy and were wondering what to feature in today's post, when it occurred to us that we could tell you about a couple of our neighbours! We have both kitties and woofies as neighbours and today we would like to tell you about two of the kitties.

This is Basha. He is about 3 years old and is a very big mancat who is very, very sweet. When #1 and Tommy go outside, he often comes running to #1 and immediately flops onto his back for a belly rub!

He has beautiful tabby markings and we particularly like the heart that is in the centre of his big "target!"

The other neighbour we would like to tell you about is called Manoushka. Despite the name, he is a boy (there was a bit of a misunderstanding when they first got him, and the name stuck). He used to be very good friends with Sen-Chan.

Manoushka is a bit of a wild boy who likes to hang out in the tall grass, but he is completely fascinated by Tama-Chan and spends a great deal of time lurking around the run, totally unphased by her screaming blue murder at him. Here is a late-evening laser-eyed exchange between the two of them:

Well, I can't do a post without a single photo of me and I know that our friend Khyra will complain loudly if there are none of Tommy. So, here I am:

And here he is:


  1. Basha is a "Classic tabby" with beautifull marking.
    Tama Chan and Sei Chan are "Ticked tabby" , so they belong the same familly !
    Beautifull pictures

    ViVi & AB

  2. Such unique names! Basha's coat is so beautiful. We love the shot of Tama-Chan on guard!

    I wonder if we'll get kitty visitors when we have an outside yard put up? Banshee will be fit to be tied I fear.

    Purrs Goldie

  3. Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful neighbours!

  4. Those are interesting neighbours. We agree on the lovely tabby markings of Basha. And wonderful pictures of you friends!

  5. Basha is beautiful with his heart on him.
    Lovely pictures of your family.

  6. Most wonderful markings in the furs.


  7. What great markings Basha has! We love the heart:) It was nice to meet your friends:)

  8. Basha looks a lot like me! Of course he gets to go Out of Doors and I do not. So I'm pretty sure he isn't my secret twin, but you never know, right?


  9. We ♥ that ♥ on Basha!

  10. Basha has the most fabulous classic tabby markings: a perfect bulls-eye!

  11. How nice to see your neighbor cat. Basha looks very nice.
    Believe it or not, he looks exactly like Lunas friend. Nobody know where he live and what is his name. Surely he comes from another street to visit his girlfriend Luna. I hope I can get a photo of him next time.

  12. I'm glad to hear that TC warns off that ma ncat that keeps sniffing around her!

  13. Thanks for introducing us to your neigbors - that is so cool that Basha has a heart in his fur! I bet that other kitty, Manoushka, might just have a crush on Tama-Chan. And the pictures of you are of course wonderful!

  14. Tank woo fur making sure there was a TOMMY pikh!

    ESPECIALLY after looking at all those KHAT pikhs!

    They were furry pretty thought - the is khwite a khool heart shaped target!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  15. What nice neighbors you have! They look like they are lots of fun to hang out with even if Tama Chan howls at them.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  16. Such beautiful fur friends you have. We both like Basha's heart marking. And we loved the laser eye exchange with Tama-chan and Manoushka. He's a beauty too.

    Thank you for showing us your picture and Tommy's too!

    9 and Chani

  17. Great to meet the neighbours!

    You're looking very chilled Tommy!

    Take care

  18. Your neighbor kitties are very beautiful but thank you for the last two pics - we love those two!!! Such a soulful look to Tommy's eyes.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  19. Cute neighbors, especially that first kitty, he has beautiful markings. I love the staredown shot! way to mark your territory!!

    Theodore and Sasha


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