Monday, 28 September 2009

Manly Monday and More Percherons!

Tom: Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here has been unbelievable and we have been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. When #1 was away, I stayed with Ms. A and my friend Pie and had a great time.

I have been looking through the photo album to see what would be most suitable for today's post. What about this one?

and this one?

Ready to go...

and here I am in full flight!

Now, before I hand over to #1 and more Percheron horses, here is an interesting tidbit. Apparently, there were also lots of fabulous woofies at the championships and #1 met these two lovely girls:

One is three years old and the other four. Aside from being beautiful, they actually live in a chateau!!!! Can you believe that? #1 is going to send pictures of me to their #1s!

The girls' home!

#1 again. As promised, here are a few photos from Girls' Day at the Percheron Nationals:


  1. We cannot decide which picture of you we like the best, Tom. Each one is fetching in its own way... sometimes literally.

    Our mom wonders if she could sleep in a house where those girls live... we don't know what she means. We can sleep anywhere.

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Mommy is drooling over the horses again. ~S,S,C & F

  3. Tommy, your new lady friends are beautiful. And by golly the horses! They are stunning. They look so strong and athletic. As for you of course, your handsomeness goes without saying:)

  4. Now it looks like those horses are doing an obedience trial. Who knew they worked so hard?

    Those gals live in a chateau? You MUST setup a date with them.


  5. Love those ears! I want a horse now.

  6. Wow Tom! We LOVE the full flight picture! Too bad you weren't able to go to the horsey show, sounds like it would have been a GREAT Noseventure.


  7. We LOVE your Ready to Go photo, Tommy!

    Those horses are magnificent! Love the shots with the Chatteau in the background! It looks like a fairy tale!

  8. They are so beautiful, Tommy! The Percheron's, I mean. Of course, those girls are very beautiful, too! And Chateau's! They must be very pampered ladies, don't you think?

  9. Sigh!

    Tommy pikhs!

    Furry nice Percherons too!

    I hope woo get to meet those girls and they invite woo to their chateau!


  10. Tom, we love all those pictures of you! And we love the horsie pictures too!

  11. I'm partial to the Ready Tom shot too. And those misty morning shots of the horses...swoon... As Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey said, they look like a fairytale.

  12. The Percherons look magical!

  13. Tommy, you are a handsome boy, but pictures of those horses are artworks.

  14. How lovely were those lady woofies? And they're a bit posh too, living in a chateau! :)

  15. Those are magnificent horses! Nothing we have on my island could ever compare.

    Love those manly shots, Tom! You really should get to know those two pretty ladies a little better so you can give us a tour of their chateau.

  16. Those two girls were very beautiful and we loved the horses - BUT the best of this post was all those photos of yourself, Tommy. We love your midair pic.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. What lovely girls - both canine and equine. Mom wonders how many Percherons are born yearly if one male is fathering 59?


  18. Tom, I have to say the Ready to Go is my fave too! And boy,those are some cool looking horses! And 2 possible girlfriends for you it sounds like!

  19. I think that between 800 and 1000 Percheron foals are registered annually in the Percheron stud book, but will check!


  20. Great pics of you, Tommy, all of them. And the horses are just beautiful!

  21. We really enjoyed all those photos - Tommy - of you and of the Percherons.

    take care

  22. Lovely, mum says her uncle once tried to get her to buy a baby Perche. Amish raised and broken, but mum says the purchase cost wasn't high but the monthly boarding would have been more than her rent at the time.

  23. I think all those pictures are perfect Tommy!

  24. We were so torn...where to look Tom in full flight won our hearts...but we also enjoyed the horses and the girlfriends! We think there is a story there if you want to tell us.

  25. These pictures have this magic quality again. So beautiful! And Tommy, we do think you should consider marrying one of these chateau girls. ; )

  26. Magnificent pictures of you playing, Tommy! and those girls are quite beautiful...maybe they are princesses if they live in a chateau and you could go visit them as their Prince Charming? (the lady horses and their foals are quite beautiful, too)


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