Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday Follies....

Sei-Chan: Tee Hee Hee... we don't have anything particularly crazy to tell you about, but I liked the sound of "follies!" And perhaps one can describe the usual Friday line-up of frootbats and flying ears as our very own kind of "folly!"

I have decided to start with ME in my awesome frootbattiness:

And how about a different angle?

Do I glow or DO I GLOW???!!!

My big sister, Tama-Chan, continues in her campaign to get herself designated the living incarnation of the Egyptian cat goddess BASTET:

If it were up to me, I would vote her in this very minute. I mean, just look at her!

For the many fans of Tommy and his flying ears, #1 kept back a couple of photos from their expedition to the beach last Sunday. It was quite a windy day and his ears, they were-a-flying!

And finally, we have had a new Frootbat application this week. This little girl is a Percheron filly, born this spring. She lives in the even bigger field behind the big field, and her mother is one of the white guardians of the big oak trees. She is awfully sweet and was wondering whether we might include a photo of her. Of course, we said yes!


  1. Oh my!

    The ears!

    All those khute ears!

    I hate to paw this Tommy BUT the filly almost upstaged your flying ears!

    PeeEssWoo: I khan't wait fur my adventure to khommence!

  2. Tommy might need to wear a bonnet if his ears are going to flop about like that.

    I am totally loving the glow cat and that horse is mighty pretty.


  3. Wow, all those wonderful ears and photos - but look at that goddess - awesome.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  4. We'd worship you anyday, Tama Chan:)

    It was lovely to see your Percheron friend. She is a beautiful girl.

  5. Yes, we are very happy because of today's offering of frootbat and flying ears. Now off to a satisfied nap.

  6. Love those ears! Glowing ears, flying ears and now a frootbat horse!

  7. Look at all of those awesome ears!!! Flying, great. That filly isn't so little as the thoroughbred fillies around here; she is a big girl and quite a lovely color!


  8. I have never seen such a pretty grey horsey!

  9. Hi, guys,

    it has been a all look soooo great. Little kitty is so grown up and Tom-you are as handsome as ever:-)We could compare our flying ears hehe..

    Kisses and hugs,

  10. YOU GLOW, GIRL! Heheheh..I've always wanted to say that. I think Bastet lives in your house, I do. Tommy's ears were a-flyin', eh? I'm surprised he didn't achieve lift-off, the way they were flapping.

    That filly is very pretty-she has some funny brown fuzzballs in her ears and her forelock-or is that just a trick of the light?

  11. you kitties are positively regal looking. and Tom, with those flying ears, we would just love to romp and fly our ears along with yours.

    that horsie is very pretty, but we are kind of scared of horses. we bark at them A LOT.


  12. Those were wonderful Friday Folly pictures! I think they are all wonderful!

  13. We love your glowing, shadowy frootbat! And your Filly Folly was a fabulous surprise!

  14. Tama-chan, you are truly the living embodiment of Bastet. Sei-chan, you are growing up so much! And Tommy, your flying ears are quite the site.

    As for the filly, she looks quite demure. Thank you for including her. She's a beauty for sure.

    9 and Chani

  15. You should name your blog something with Ears in it. Love dog ears.
    Beautiful horsie.

  16. I always love your ear pictures! Isn't the beach the best place in the world, Tom? Whenever we drive by the beach I always get excited and sniff the air. Next time you go you should try belly flopping into the waves or digging a big hole. Those are my favorite things to do there.

  17. *faints at the gorgeousness of Tama-Chan*

  18. We love the frootbats and the flying ears!!!

  19. We fink that you Tama-chan is the living incarnation of Bastet already and we lurve the frootibattiness of Sen-chan. Now we hope that san will let us out so we can too can flys about like Tommy ...but we fink san too uptight in case we flys away....hee

    The amigos

  20. Great photos and that is one beautiful horse!

    take care

  21. Miss Tama-Chan, you are an angel indeed, I'd worship you even if it is from afar!!



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