Friday, 17 July 2009

Frootbat Friday and Our Other News

SEI-CHAN: Hello everyone. It's been far too long! We're finally getting a chance to do a proper blog post again. I get to go first, not because I am the youngest, but because I have the Frootbat photo for today!

I have been missing my #1 but we have very nice people living with us here, and they play with us and give us cuddles and lots of yummy food. And of course, I still have my big sister to snuggle up with:

Talking of big sisters, Tama-Chan had a big adventure last week, and she wants to tell you all about it!

TAMA-CHAN: It's good to be back, and yes, I have an adventure to tell you about! As you know, I absolutely adore our cat run and have been climbing all over it. It just so happened that, one day, last week, I noticed that it wasn't as well attached as it might have been in one place and so... ESCAPISTA TAMA struck! I had been closely studying all of the advice in my friend Siena's blog and there was my opportunity at last! I was out. I was free!!!!! But then appeared out of nowhere this large floofy thing (the neighbours' very sweet cat, Manoushka) and I was terrified. You know how shy I am. So, I ran and ran, and finally ran upwards! And this is where I found myself:

Can you see me in there? I was hugging that branch! And there was a small problem. I couldn't figure out how to get down.... I stayed up there for a while until a friend, Mr. P, came home from work and brought his big ladder. I was so exhausted that I wolfed down a big meal and passed out on the sofa.

TOMMY: I have been having the most fabulous time (yes, #1, I miss you too!!!!!!) because Mr S. is just the best Frisbee partner! But I have no photographic proof, their excuse being that I never stand still long enough for them to take photos. They've obviously never heard of action shots... So, here is one of me waiting for the Frisbee to be thrown:

A word from #1: Just a quick note to say sorry about not being able to leave comments on everyone's blogs. With a dial-up connection, some graphic-heavy blogs will simply not load, and some comments windows are not clickable. I try to catch up when I go into the library but can't always do so. We still love you and try to read/comment as often as we can!


  1. OH MY!

    Khute Baby Froot Bat!
    NICE tale of the Tama-Chan Siberian Wannabe in the tree!

    OF KHOURSE, HI TOMMY! Nice wait fur akhtion shot!


  2. Hahaha, Tama-Chan, that picture of you hugging the tree branch is worth a million! You look very wild!
    Lovely post, so good to see the three of you.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Sei-Chan, you are looking like such a grown up ladycat! Wow! Tama-Chan, we are impressed with your Escapista effort. With our new confinement in Sydney, we might have to start practicing too. Tommy, we are happy you have a great frisbee partner! And #1, we hope your trip has been wonderful thus far:)

  4. Sei-Chan, you've got some awesome froot bats this week!

    Tama-Chan, that is a askeery adventure. Be careful out there!

    Tommy, that's a handsome pic of you. Mom doesn't have to worry about getting an action shot of me. I'm pretty much always chillin' on the couch. ;)

    Your pal,

  5. Oh what a cute Frootbat photo! And Tama-Chan, I hope you learned that escaping isn't as fun as it sounds! Tommy, you look wonderful in your picture, even if it isn't an action shot. I am glad you are all having fun and I hope #1 is having a good time too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. happy you are okay and didnt get hurt or abducted when you escaped - please be careful and no escaping please

    woodrow sweetie mj

  7. OMC!!! You got out AND you climbed a tree?????I would have been scarified to death. Phew, so glad you passed out properly when you came inside.


  8. Oh Tama-Chan, that sounds like a very scairty adventure. Climbing in trees is harder than it looks!

  9. It's nice this adventure ended well, the trio kooks fine and waiting for #1.

    ViVi & AB

  10. Oh.Mai.Goodness, Tama-Chan! That was askeery! Whitey hopes you will not try that again. There is very serious askeery stuff on the Outside! Sei-Chan, you haz the kyootest Frootbats! And Tommy, that tongue says it all, buddy!

  11. Great to hear from you all and see what you are all up to in #1's absence!

    Sei-Chan - you look beautiful!

    Tama-Chan - that was a great photo of you in the tree!

    Looking good also Tommy!

    Take care

  12. Oh, my, Tama-Chan! I would have climbed up the tree and rescued you (even though the highest I have ever climbed up a tree is 2ft - I don't really have a head for heights)!

  13. Very cute froot bat!
    And oh my, that sure was an adventure. I would have been very scared. I don't go outside EVER.

  14. What a cute little fruit bat! Happy Friday.

  15. Oh, honey, you look so skeered up there in that tree. We are so very happy that a good person brought you down.

    We are so sorry about the loss of your dear friend. It is always so sad when someone we care about has to leave us. There is never a good time.

  16. Sei-Chan that photo of you is adorable...such expressive eyes! Tama-Chan, WHEW! that was some adventure!

  17. Nice post.I like your photo while you're hugging on a branch of a tree. You made me smile. I cant imagine how you were able to get in there.

  18. He He...awesome ears! But Tama-Chan...don't leave the safety of your house! It's scary out there in the wild world!!!

    Mom wants to know why #1 is on dial-up...she says that's scary!

    Woof Velcro

    meow Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  19. Sei-Chan, you are a beyootiful froot bat-ette!

    Wow, Tama-Chan! What an adventure! I'm so glad Mr. P came along, tho', so you did not have to spend the night outside. You look utterly exhausted in that photo!

    Tommy, I can't tell if you're laughing for joy, or one pooped pup!

  20. Hi Tama, we think you can guilt trip #1 that you went delinquent because you had abandonment issue. Tom looks very handsome as usual.

  21. I am glad you have good people taking care of all of you!


  22. 皆さんのおかえりを
    清姫 かわい~い!
    玉姫 無事でなによりでしたね。

  23. Sei-Chan, that's some pretty impressive froot-battage. Tama-Chan, that was quite an adventure. I'm so glad you got down and back indoors safely. Tommy, I'm so glad you're having lots of fun playing Frsibee with Mr. S.

  24. Bet you are having lots of fun with your caretakers but you will be so glad to have #1 home again soon.

    What a beautiful photo #1 shared with us and the little one has gorgeous frootbat ears.

    Tama-Chan - we hope that was the end of your big adventures.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  25. Oh my what an adventure! However I think I'll stick close to My Mummy and keep my paws firmly on the ground! Ok, firmly on the bed... ;)


  26. I'm glad to be back blogging so I can see you again. Sounds like you all have been busy with the frisbee playing and the houdini routines! Beautiful Frootbat photo.

    Your friend,

  27. What an adventure, Tama-Chan! We're glad that you're okay.

    Very cute pictures of Sei-Chan and Tommy. It's good that you have such nice people taking care of you while #1 is gone.

    Have a good weekend,

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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