Friday 2 July 2021

Family Friday


Violette: Since today is Friday, #1 said that I should host this Family Friday post. Since the beginning of this week, Ollie has been with us Vs and Hs, and that has been fun. His little daughter, Lily, is quite something. It seems she has ambitions to become a football (soccer) player, although her parents don't seem that interested. And yes, that is a melon, which she stole from Ms.C!

In case you were wondering, Lily will be 2 months old on Sunday!

So, here I am, being a little bothered by flies ('this the season!)

And here is my Mama, Hotesse:

Here are the two of us. Mama was clearly hoping for some carrots!

Here are The Big V and Miss Heloise:

Mr. G took this fun pic of The Big V!

Ms. M is also looking after us, and she took this pic of Benny the other day. His tongue is almost as long as Ollie's!

And here is Tama, looking cute as ever:

We also have some fun pics of Ollie playing with Lily, courtesy of Mr. G!

Mr. G has also been sending us some snuggle pics, so we will try to do an SoS post on Sunday. That will be #1's last day in quarantine, after which she is likely to be extremely busy, so we don't know how much/if we will be able to blog.

A big thank you to Ms. C, Mr. G and Ms. M for the video and photos!


  1. you are a fabulous furryday host!!! maybe Les Bleus can use a melon next time too? it can be only better then, right?

  2. Violette, you are a great host.
    It is good to see that things are well and all are happy while #1 is away :)
    Good to see Lilly having fun and Benny does have a long tongue! MOL!
    Fly season is never any fun!
    Purrs, Julie
    Purrs, Julie

  3. It's great to see you all are doing well and are being well looked after while #1 is away. We're sure it is a comfort to her to see the pictures and videos. Little Lily sure is a cutie pie!

  4. Y'all really do look most wonderful but you win the fun photo Vidock!

  5. You are all looking good. Lily is growing so fast!

  6. How nice to see everybody today!

  7. Thanks for this fun post, Violette!!
    We LOL'd at Viddock!

  8. Lovely family, four foooted and two footed.

  9. I love seeing everyone! Violette, my sweet friend, can anything be done about the flies?

  10. It is so good to see everyone's smiling faces! Lily and Benny are growing so fast! And I LOVE the shot of you Tama!


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