Saturday, 13 January 2018

SEIturday Memories

Sei-Chan: No two ways about it, this week has been a total disaster in terms of photos of me except for some good snuggle shots that you will see tomorrow. But... January is my birthday month, so I thought it would be fun to go back and show you a few photos from January 2010, when I was coming up to my 1st birthday!

Things were a little odd in January 2010, because Tama was in the back room with her kittens, so it was just me, Yuu-Chan and Tommy outside with #1.

I was already a big fan of the hammock in the study, but I was just a little bitty thing back then!

And this is me on top of the shelf on #1's desk:

The great love of my life was Yuu-Chan. He was so very sweet to me:

I loved hanging out with him!

But I had also already discovered Tommy!

That January was also when little kitten Tora-Chan stayed with us for a few days before he went to live with Mr. G and his family He was pretty cute!

 It all seems like such a long time ago1 I will leave you with one more shot of me in a sunpuddle:

 Wishing you all an excellent SEIturday.


  1. What cute photos of you as a youngster, Sei!

  2. Absolutely cute as a kitten and gorgeous today!

  3. Those were all such fun photos!

  4. Everybody loves you, Sei-Chan, including us. What a great snuggle shot of you and Tommy!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. I love seeing baby photos! You were so cute, and of course you still are.

  6. Coucou Sei,
    C'est bien parfois lorsque l'on ne fait pas de nouvelles photos. Comme ça on peut en voir d'autres plus anciennes.
    Tu étais magnifique, toute mignonne.
    Ange Loustiquette

  7. Even as a little one, you had that adorable expression that we love so much on your sweet face.
    We’re mad for kitten pics, you know, and consider being able to see them a real treat.

  8. You are (and were) such a beautiful cat! I love seeing the pictures of you when you were just a little younger than me!
    Have a Purrfect Day

  9. What a fun trip back with you today.

  10. We loved this flashback, Sei. What a cutie you were.

  11. Love your flashback photos! You were/are soooo cute! Sweet memories with Yuu-Chan.
    Happy Seiturday! xo


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