Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tommy's Thoughtful Thursday

Tommy: We had a couple of scorching hot days but it cooled down yesterday and it's really nice now (except for the rain...).

So, I was without #1 for several days and, when she returned, I decided to sit her down and find out what her plans are. My friends, the news is not great. She will be mostly here in September, although there will be a few days in England mid-month, and really busy stuff the last 10 days (with a bit of luck, I will be able to tag along, but the Chans will not like it one bit). October looks OK, but in November, if you will believe it, she is going back to Japan. Again!!! She says she has to make €€€ to pay for all the vet bills, especially the Big V's surgery, so I guess she really has to. Still, we would prefer to have her here.

I am wondering if guarding the front door might help...

I wish I could convince her to take me even more places with her (I know she already takes me to lots). A friend recently took this pic that we both love:

Ultimately, though, there is nothing to do other than hang with my great kitty crowd. Here I am with Da Genj:

Yes, I know that's my bed, but I really don't mind if the little one needs to use it. 

Happy last day of August, everyone!


  1. Tommy, we know you enjoy going with #1 on her trips. Too bad you cannot go to Japan.
    We understand that humans need to work for the money.That does not mean we always like it.
    At least you have your siblings to keep you company :)
    Some great sitters too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. You're a patient sweetheart Tommy! I say go ahead and guard the door, just make sure someone else guards the back door, right! ;)

  3. Gosh Tommy...Kozmo and Jo Jo have told me that Mommy used to travel to work to make money to pay the bills and they stayed in Midway. When Mommy would be there for a while, she would take Queen Penelope. Now that she is Vancouver though, she does not have to travel, so Kozmo says I am one very lucky cat! And Reading that your #1 has to travel away from you, I realize how lucky I am!
    I am sure #1 does not want to travel away from you either!
    I send you many purrs

  4. Sounds like some busy times ahead for #1, and some alone time for you. But we know she always makes the best plans for care of you, the kitties, and the horses.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. #1 is constantly on the move....

  6. Tu es sympa de laisser ton lit à Genji.
    Tu as raison, il faut regarder les choses de façons positive. En fait tu passes plus de temps avec ta #1 que les Chans. Elle t’emmène souvent avec elle.
    Pour le Japon ... ça fait un peu loin.
    Bonne soirée

  7. Those peeps sure need to make money to keep us fed and healthy Tommy, but at least you get to go along on one of the trips!

  8. Look at you being all gorgeous!

  9. Around here, we call it earning green papers, and those green papers buy cat food! So, even though Angel and Chuck want me to stay home, they also know that they want to eat, so go away Mommy, and earn more green papers!

  10. That is so generous of you to let Genji use the bed, Tommy. I guess there is not much you can do about #1's comings and goings.

  11. I think you will need to do more than guard the door to keep #1 home, Tommy.


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