Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Winsome Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for purring for my little sis, Tama. She is still coughing a little, so #1 is also giving her prednisone for a couple of days, on Dr. C's recommendation. We would be grateful if you would hold on to those good thoughts.

I have to confess that I am looking a little less than white and glamorous at the moment. we've had quite a bit of rain and it's muddy out here! Still, #1 managed to take this rather fetching portrait of me:

By the way... I have to confess that I was a little bit naughty... I realised that the electricity on one of the electric fences was out, so I led a party of us mares over into the next field so we could do a girlie dance for The Big V. He was beside himself! Neeeeiiiigh!

Vidock: Well, just look at this studly face? Wouldn't YOU break through electric fences to get closer to me? Hmmmmm?


  1. MOL! You girls are incorrigible! I'm continuing to purr for Tama.

  2. Sending more purrs to Tama-Chan. Those are two great pictures of the Equines. Vidock is looking mighty good.

  3. LOL, Violette, sounds like you girls had a fun adventure :-)
    Purrs to Tama-Chan. We hope she gets better xoxo

  4. We hope you will soon feel better Tama-Chan.

  5. Sounds like a field of dreams pretty Violette! Howdy Big V! Purrs to sweet Tama from all of us.

  6. Violette .... quand même, le pauvre Vidock ! C'est pas sympa de le provoquer comme ça, mais c'est vrai que c'est rigolo une petite aventure.
    Tama j'espère que tu vas aller mieux rapidement. La cortisone c'est pas top du tout pour les chats. Mais bon, quand il en faut ... il en faut.

    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  7. Don't worry we hear mud baths are good for the skin
    Lily & Edward

  8. "Girls just wanna have fun", right, Violette ? Purrs

  9. And here we thought only Vidock would be the mischievous one:) You are both so beautiful to us, we don't even see the mud.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. Oh Violette, you are a tease!

  11. You've got brains, Violette! Be proud of your intelligence and ability to plan.

  12. Violette you made us giggle at you for being naughty ;)
    Bet that was fun.
    We were sorry to hear Tama is not well.
    We will send her lots of purrs!!
    Hope the cough goes away :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. We have our paws crossed for Miss Tama. Violette you are a little devil to tease your big brother that way.

  14. Oh My Goodness Vidonck! Mes with Violette...even though mes a cat...mes would break through a fence to sees yous!!!


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