Saturday, 26 November 2016


Sei-Chan: I wil tell it to you straight, Dear Friends. This has been a stressful week. My sister Tama is never sick, and she is the rock upon which the Chan world is built, so seeing her unwell has been very perturbing for all of us. I have been a good sister and watched over her as she enjoyed a restorative snooze yesterday:

Yes that is #1 I am sitting on. What happened was that #1 took her shower and was getting dressed when Tama-Chan hopped onto the bed looking for cuddles and comfort. #1 was only half-dressed but did not want to disturbed our Tama, so she just lay back and was there for her. We all stayed like that for over an hour.

In other news, it has been very grey the past few days but I do have a few sunpuddle pics left from last weekend. I am quite pleased with this portrait:


And here is a profile shot:

And here I am, enjoying a snooze on the radiator by the study window:

Wishing you a lovely (and healthy!) SEIturday! 


  1. I have been sending lots of healing purrs to Tama! How frustrating that illness has lingered the way it has.

  2. Being sick is not fun. I still keep purring for you, Sweet Tama
    Thanks to #1, she looks after you so well.
    I hope you feel better real quick
    Paws crossed & Purrs

  3. Keeping Tama in our prayers.

  4. Sei, we purr the sun comes back soon as you look so happy in the sunbeams :)
    We continue to purr for Tama to recover and hope she is getting better every day!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. You look terrific and I'm glad you are helping Tama. We do all send purrs and prayers to your beautiful Sis.

  6. We're glad to hear you got a bit of sun. We have been lacking in sun puddles around here too. Our paws are crossed for Miss Tama.

  7. Coucou Sei,
    Je suis sure qu'avec toutes les ondes positives que tu envoies à Tama, et avec les câlins de ta #1 elle va aller mieux.
    Moi je suis aller chez la veto hier matin. Mais en fait c'était pour rien ... c'est mieux quand c'est pour rien.
    Profites bien de ton soleil. Ca fait super du bien.

  8. Tama-Chan you have to be better! Sei-Chan is very worried about you! I love how the both of you jumped up on the bed and onto #1. I can't believe you all stayed there for an hour. The things we do for our animals! You don't want to move and disturb Tama-Chan. My daughter does the same thing with her 4 felines. I'm still praying for Tama and sending all positive thoughts and energy. Thank you for the update Sei-Chan. Tell everyone to have a super Sei-turday.

  9. We send lots of purrs to Tama and hope she is better soon...and things are back to normal around your house, Sei.

  10. Those are lovely sun puddle photos. I hope Tama is soon feeling better.


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