Saturday, 19 November 2016


Sei-Chan: Well, this was a really paltry week in terms of photo-taking light and I have to congratuate #1 for getting any pics of us. She did quite well when she caught me in my beddie under the skylight:

She says my whiskers look outstanding! Here is a close-up:

Here I am supervising #1's desk chair:

And doing one of my very favourite things, hanging out with my Tommy. I just sit next to him and purr...

Well, that's it for today's offerings. Let's see if the coming week brings us any sunshine! Happy SEIturday, one and all!


  1. Yes, your long, lush whiskers are truly magnificent! Such a beauty, you are!
    We looked at the weather for Paris and it looks like a week of rain ahead. Time to prepare the life rafts! We, however, are in drought.

  2. Those whiskers are most impressive! You and Tommy are so cute together!

  3. I just love seeing Sei-Chan with Tommy! It's so cute. Sei-Chan just sitting there purring next to Tommy is wonderful. Of course, those Whiskers, Sei-Chan! I think you have the longest and most thick whiskers I've ever seen! Don't worry, you've got to get some sunshine soon. I have to say that Tommy is ready to go out and play ball. The way he holds it shows how much he loves that football. Everybody have a super Sei-turday!

  4. Wow, Sei-Chan, your whiskers are really outstanding there!
    You and Tommy look very cute together :-) Happy SEIturday!

  5. Coucou Sei,
    On n'est pas venu sur les blogs de presque toute la semaine dernière. Mon humaine était plutôt malade.
    Mais je veux quand même te faire un bonjour en passant.
    C'est vrai que tu as de très belles moustaches.


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