Saturday, 12 November 2016


Sei-Chan: This week has been pretty short on sunpuddles and long on rain and clouds, so taking photos has been a bit of a challenge. And we have all been hunkering down. I have been enjoying my beddie in front of the Mac:

I have also been spending some time in my other beddie, the one under the sklylight:

And #1 did manage to snap this decent, whiskery, portrait of me:

I am happy to say that she has been doing relatively well on the snuggle photo front, so please remember to join us again tomorrow!


  1. I hope some more sun puddles come your way, Sei!

  2. Sei-Chan...always a pleasure to see you and your whiskers? None exceed their beauty!

  3. Such wonderful photos! Well, they should be wonderful, they're you!!!

  4. Since the time change, it is harder for mum to get good pictures of us too.
    It is dark when she gets home.
    We have had some nice sunpuddles, but today is mighty cold!
    If we are lucky it will get up to 4C today.
    Thank heavens we are indoor cats !
    Yo do have some nice cozy spots Sei :)
    Pawsome whiskers too!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Hi there, Whiskers... I mean Sei-Chan! You look so cute all snuggled in your beddie! I'very never seen a beddie quite like that before. It doesn't surprise me though. #1 is very good at providing many different cozy places for you and your siblings. Sei-Chan, you win the prize of the most adorable cat today! I hope the whole clan has a super Sei-turday!!!!!

  6. Hi there! I agree, with this kind of weather better to stay safe and warm on a conformable bed. Have a nice week-end! Purrs to you all!

  7. Your portrait shows off your whiskers beautifully.

  8. Your're looking great Sei-Chan. We will be sure to come back tomorrow to see all the snuggles.

  9. Coucou Sei,
    Tu as de très belles moustaches !
    Moi je n'ai jamais surveillé un ordi. C'est peut être intéressant ce truc sur tu dors à côté.
    Bonnes siestes, le soleil reviendra.

  10. What a lovely whisker portrait! Sending some sun your way!


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