Monday, 19 September 2016

Manly Monday

Genji: Today is the day! #1 should be back with us mid-afternoon. In the meantime, she has scraped the bottom of her photo barrel and come up with these photos.

The handsomest blue boy ever:

All the way down to his pawpads:

Da Beebs:


Vidock says you may kiss:

By the way, we got part of Vidock's blood test results back and they were all normal. We are still waiting for the results on piroplasmosis and Lyme Disease. Paws and hooves crossed.

STOP PRESS~ Mr. G sent #1 some great photos of the Boy Chans at play, so here are a couple for you:

Aren't the GenjiPaws totally awesome?


  1. I'm sending lots of purrs to Vidock for good test results! Genji will be happy to know that I am featuring a blue version of my breed on Tuesday! (A good friend of ours!)

  2. Great pictures especially of the playing boys!
    Big purrs for good results for Vidock!
    Happy Meow like a Pirate Day!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Great photos of you all ! We send Vidock tons of purrs for good test results ! Purrs

  4. Oooh such handsome, manly photos, efurryone!
    Great news about Vidock's blood test results. I hope the rest will come back with good news as well!

  5. Hope ever buddy is waiting by the door
    Lily & Edward

  6. You boys are all looking great. We love the playing pictures.

  7. paws crossed for Vidock

    those Chan boys are having a good time :)

  8. Hi boys! Firstly, I have to comment on that last picture of Genji. OMG! those paws look like something out of a horror movie! They're "Freddy Krueger" claws! Don't take this wrong, Genji. It made me laugh! Anypaw, I really love Vidock's selfie. I might hesitate to give him a kiss though. I'm not sure if he's still biting!

  9. Those are all very handsome manly photos. I am purring for Vidock for the piroplasmosis and Lyme Disease results to be good too.

  10. Y'all have a super happy homecoming!!!

  11. Oh! My Cod! Mes smitten! Such handsome, handsome mans!!!! And mes has been catching up--wes sorry wes not commented a lot over the last week. Mommy has been sleep deprived between work, traveling to get Cinnamon, Kozmo and Jo Jo. Wes gotted behind.
    Nellie, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Jo Jo

  12. Genji Looks like hes reaching up to catch mes as mes comes through the tunnel vortex! Gets him to holds that pose...mes will be there tout suite!


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