Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wednesday Whinnies

Vidock: Neeeeeighs! EveryFriend! It's our day of the week again and I am getting pretty excited about the upcoming show! I thought I would give you a sneak preview with a video of part of my show:

This is me working with the Garrocha, the long pole that is used in Doma Vaquera. Originally, it was used (and is still used!) to drive cattle. Please note that this is only the fourth or fifth time I have ever worked with the Garrocha, and it was the first time I worked in a wide open space. #1 said I was brilliant!

Oh, and guess what? This documentary film maker is going to make a film about me, my training, and getting ready for the big show and then the big show. Isn't that exciting? He came for the first time yesterday.

Violette: OK, OK, I admit it. He was pretty cool strutting his stuff, and I just stood there and watched the entire time!

Can you see me peeking out from under my shelter?


  1. That is awesome about the documentary, Vidock! I thought you did awesomely with the Garrocha!

  2. WOW,Vidock to star in a documentary? Pawsome!!
    We loved the video.
    You purrform so well Vidock.
    You are sure to do well in the show :)
    Hello peek-a-boo Violette!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. He is doing great. Such a good boy.

  4. Wow Vidock you'll soon be showing everyone how you strut your stuff.

  5. Vidock, You're such a wonderful boy! We're all so proud of you.
    Violette you are a dear girl. Let the boys be boys and you enjoy your lovely field.

  6. Wow, Vidock, it's so cool you will star in the documentary film! So exciting!

    Happy belated birthday, Tama-Chan. I hope you enjoyed your special day :-)

  7. Wow Vidock! You are going to be a star! Violette, we see you!

  8. WOW Vidock, you are going to be more famous! Howdy pretty Violette!

  9. Wow, pawsome, Vidock ! We're impressed ! Peek-a-boo, Violette ! Purrs

  10. you two look great.....and to think Vidock is going to be in a movie :)

  11. You are doing so well Vidock.

  12. Vidock! I knew you were doing well and progressing nicely in the ring. However, I did not know about the Garrocha. I saw you working with this pole, but I didn't know what it was for. Even a film maker is going to be there at the show. This is exciting! I think Violette approves too!

  13. Vidock Rocks!
    Wowzers! He is going to star in his own movie! That is just too cool for words...
    Violette, does yous thinks it will goes to his head, or does yous think he will remember all of us little peoples?
    Sending yous all Kisses

  14. Vidock, you are quite amazing!!

    Lizzie, Max & Tuck


  15. That is definitely something to look forward to Vidock!We bet your documentary will be memorable!

    Violette, every time our Mama sees you her heart goes pitterpatter.Even from afar . . . you are that lovely. :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Vidock you sure are looking good with your training. We sure wish we could see the documentary when it is finished.

  17. Tu m'as l'air bien sage Vidock !
    Et ton cavalier aussi d'ailleurs. Il prend bien soin de garder le bâton loin de toi.
    Et alors Mlle Violette, on espionne, on veut participer ...


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