Monday, 1 August 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: I get to kick off this week's post. I had a fun day yesterday because I accompanied #1 to a cousins' lunch in Paris:

And I am glad to report that my paw is feeling a lot better, so I am back to romping in the fields! 

Genji:  I thought I would do sultry and sexy photos this week:

Da Beebs: I really like to hang out with my bro, Tommy!

 And when it gets really warm, I do the fan thing too:

Vidock: #1 took this rather fetching photo of me just at the end of my training session the other day. She then put it on a Percheron page on FB ad it already has close to 300 likes!

 And rehearsals for the big event on August 15th are going well!

Fernant: Woofs from Camp Tommy!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Aww, I always love seeing all you boys!

  2. Very nice to see you guys. Everyone looks GREAT. Glad your paw is better Tommy.

  3. Fernant and Tommy seem to be having fun with their ball.

  4. We're glad your paw is better, Tommy. Just on time to have a fun and crazy week with Fernant ! Genji, Pixie is swooning, MOL ! Purrs, Zorro

  5. Ohhh you are such a sexy boy, Gen-Chan!
    Love the last photo. Playful dogs are happy dogs :-) Glad Tommy's paw is getting better.

    Happy August!

  6. That is such a nice big bunch of manly happy!

  7. Tommy, you are so lucky that you got to go to Paris for lunch. You deserve it though. I thought the pics of Genji were funny. At least #1's comments. I can see that the Beebs really loves you. The felines are all stretched out on the floor.I got a kick out of that. I really love Vidock. He's doing so well. Yeah! I love the picture of Fernant with you. Have a great manly Monday everyone!

  8. I am glad your paw is better, Tommy. Vidock is looking very handsome, and so are all of you.

  9. Loving all the manly photos. Can't wait to see pics from Vidock's special day.

  10. We're loving all the manliness this week.

  11. It looks. Like some buddy is having a fun filled day
    Lily & Edward

  12. Coucou les garçons,
    Genji tu as un air de chaton malicieux sur ces photos.
    Bibi toi aussi tu es tout mignon sur le dos à côté de Tommy.
    Tu portes un gant Tommy. Tu veux lancer une nouvelle mode ?...
    Vidock tu es très beau dans le paysage. C'est très champêtre.
    Ronrons pour tout le monde


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