Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Snuggling With Genji

It's #1 again. I know that yesterday, we wrote about Genji being happy to be home and eating again, but, as the day wore on, it became harder and harder to get him to take any food. To be honest, I am pretty concerned and, if things don't start out better today, I may have to take him back to the vet's, much as I hate to do it, even on a Sunday.

Genji has been spending much of his time sleeping, and snuggling with me. Tommy has also been a rock in giving physical and moral support:

I am extremely worried about my little boy. I will update during the day if there are any developments.

Sunday Afternoon Update: Genji does seem perkier today than yesterday but eating is still an issue. I think he is nauseous and will discuss with the vet tomorrow what we could do to alleviate that. For now, I have to catch him at just the right moment to get him to eat even a little.


  1. My human and I are worried about Genji too, and I'm continuing to send lots of purrs his way - I know he needs them.

  2. We are purring for you Genji.

  3. We so hoped that being home would work for him.
    WE will continue to send BIG purrs for this dear kitty.
    Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. We are purring our hardest for dear Genji and pray all will be well. We're here for both of you and send you both love and hugs.

  5. We sure do send tons of purrs to Genji. We so hope he starts to eat soon. Poor thing. Keep us updated.

  6. Oh Genji darling, we are so saddened to hear your appetite is waning again. We are praying very hard for you and asking God to grant you his mercy and make you well. Your friends from around the world are surrounding you with love and purrs. Be strong, dear boy and have faith.

  7. We are all purring for him! I hope that he gets a ton of snuggles so all those snuggles make him feel really good and he can concentrate on being really healthy!

  8. Lots and lots of purrs for Genji to feel better so he can get better.
    Lots of hugs and purrs from all of us.

    - Nina

  9. Genji I know you are happy to be home but you have to eat something. You'll get stronger. I don't blame you though if you are feeling nauseous. Tommy understands and is staying right by your side. He is an amazing brother. Please get better Genji. So many people love you!

  10. Big purrs to you Genji, hope you will be hungry soon.

  11. Thanks for all the updates. Poor Genji. We hope you can get him to eat a little here and there until you can talk to the vet. Hopefully the love from all on Valentine's day will perk him up. We are sending him lots and our paws are crossed as well.

    Love and Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. We keep purring for you, Genji, and we hope you can eat enough little by little. Purrs

  13. Me and my mum are keeping Genji in our thoughts and purrs. It is so hard when they don't want to eat.

  14. May purrs and snuggles help warm your heart, while we all wait and hope for sweet Genji to want to eat.

  15. Just checking in on you Genji dear. Our prayers are with you as you prepare for your nights rest. Could you be nausiated with change in diet and eating patterns?
    Sleep well, sweet one,tomorrow is a brand new day.
    Our love to you.

  16. Virginia, we are ALL thinking of Genji and you. Give him lots of snogs from North Carolina!

    Selina & Laura


  17. Oh, I am so sorry to hear Genji is not eating as well.

    As I wrote yesterday, ANY fat at all in meat, like the fat in the chicken broth or even lean ham, would have caused out terrier a real big tummy ache and need for Vet. care. Could that be the problem in his case? Would he eat some plain, water rinsed chicken and white rice as that can calm a tummy? I have had a lot of nausea from an illness and plain rice is very comforting and settling for tummies. Even our terrior had just plain rice, as the Vet. advised, for 24 hours now and then at times with new bouts of pancreatitis.

    We give our current kitty FortiFlora, as a probiotic, but our Vet. does prescribe it as an appetite simulus as well. Just in case it might help him at some point, I will give you the amazon link to review the product. Please do ask you Vet. about it before feeding it to sweet Genji.

    I hope you don't mind the length of this but I have read some live saving advice for my cats on blogs and wanted to just brain storm with you for a bit just in the remote case it might help.

    Thank you for keeping us posted.
    Love to all,

  18. We are keeping our paws crossed for little Genji.

  19. His tummy may still be bothering him, so mum is thinking, if your tummy is off, why try to put more food in it.

    Sending lots of purrs and love to all.

  20. We continue to purr mega purrs for Genji. We want him to be well.

  21. Nausea is SO awful....poor Genj!
    C'mon - we're rooting for you!!

  22. Tommy doggie yur thee BEST furend to watch over Genji an take care of him!!!!
    Mee furgot to menshun how hansum you look inn yur Monday foto so mee say it now!!! ;)
    Genji get well soon pleeze!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


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