Sunday, 7 February 2016

Smuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: How are you all, Dear Friends? I hope you are safe, warm and snuggling with your favourite buddies this Sunday.

I got snugglenapped by #1 yesterday!

Sei-Chan has of course been snuggling with Tommy:

My Beebs has has an extremely snuggly week. Here he is with Tommy:

And this shot of him snuggling with #1 has been a huge hit on Facebook!

He really is such a soppy boy! He was getting his ear massaged at the time.

Of course, Da Genj spends half his life like this...

 OK, this is not a snuggle pic but I thought you might want to see this one of me and My Beebs kinda napping together:

 And here, last but not least, is Miss Violette getting a treat and a snuggle from #1!

Have a very snuggly Sunday, everyone!


  1. I think you are right about those blue boys! I've never seen a kitty snuggle so much as my half-brother does with his breeder! He totally adores her and she has lots of fun with him.

  2. Looks like lots of great smuggling going on at your house. Best way to spend the week end.

  3. I'd say enjoy your snuggles but I can see y'all are already doing that so just keep happy everyone!!!

  4. The little blue boy may not be home grown like
    DaBeebs but he couldn't love his #1 more.

  5. Those are all lovely snuggles. Bibi is such a loving softie. Genji is enjoying his snuggle too.

  6. "snugglenapped", we love that word ! Today, it was Zorro who sungglenapped Mum ; we had stormy winds, and then rain, so we stay warm under the blanket ! Happy Snuggling Sunday ! Purrs

  7. There sure is a lot of snuggling going on, Tama-Chan! There's you, Sei-Chan, Da Beebs, Da Genj, Tommy, Violette, and #1! Every photo is adorable! You felines literally walk all over Tommy. He doesn't mind one bit. If Violette was a miniature, I bet she'd snuggle with Tommy too! Thank you for sharing snuggly Sunday Tama -Chan.

  8. Quand il s'agit de calins il parait que je suis un mélange entre vous deux les garçons. Un massage d'oreille avec mon nez collé contre celui de Nat à Chat qui me fait des bisous c'est juste trop bien.
    En parlant de trop bien ... elle est trop bien ta photo avec ta #1 Bibi.

  9. So sweet photos of snuggling! I ove Sunday, because my human usually stays at home with me. Purrs to you all!

  10. You are all snugglicious! We plan to snuggle here today as well . It is a cold and rainy winter day in Vancouver. A perfect day for snuggling!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. I so love seeing all gf you snuggling. And you REALLY did a superb job of it this time. And Beebs snuggling with #1. I saw that on FB too and that FACE the shows the utmost love and trust, Da Genj too.

  12. No shortage of snuggles for #1 this week - and that is a very good thing!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. I'm snuggling with MomKatt right now!



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