Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Watchful Wednesday

Da Beebs: Meee-YOw, Buddies! Do you remember that #1 said she was experiencing some "issues" with me and I had been leaving, ahem... deposits in what she considered inappropriate places. Initially, she thought it was because she had left us so much and the sitters we had were not always nice to me. However, the problem did not disappear even after she returned and stayed put, and so she decided to ask me directly via an animal communicator she had heard about via our friends The Amigos over at Cat Tales. And I told the lady that I had been worried because there has been in intruder in MY garden and I HAD To protect my home and family from him. None of the others seem to care and I feel it is my duty to make sure we are all safe from this black and white interloper. And so I spend time each day on guard duty:

#1 has tried to explain to me that the intruder is a sweet boy who deserves our help because he has never had a home or anyone to love him. As you can see, that blue bro of mine couldn't care less. He is much more interested in napping on the radiator and cuddling #1. Through the nice lady, #1 has also been telling me I needn't worry so much and I am trying hard to listen because she says it's really hard for her to clean up. She tells me I have been a really good boy, and that the fact that the days are much shorter and so the curtains drawn much longer hours helps too!

Anyway, I decided to help in other ways and so I helped her make the bed for our guest who is arriving today:

Pretty good job, dont you think?

#1 and our guest, who is coming all the way from Japan, are going to be really busy through the rest of the week and the weekend, running around doing horsey stuff, and we apologise in advance if we don't get to visit properly over that time.


  1. Bibi, we understand that strange cats make you nervous and unsettled.
    We purr the extra attention from #1 will make you feel more relaxed.
    Helping make the bed together is some good bonding time :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Bibi, I am not surprised you want to protect your territory! Is there some way to encourage Trav to hang out in other spots rather than the areas you've been watching and worrying about? Maybe that will help. 'Cause even though it may bother you, he really does need a supporter, and he has one in #1.

  3. You thought you were doing the right thing Bibi so well done for that, but it's always nice to hear a second opinion from a human. Good luck!

  4. Too simple. We think it is something deeper, It really goes back to Beebs mistreatment by the sitters. He started to leave deposits then and it either became a habit or he feels that after he made deposits those awful people went away and he's making deposit is to keep them away! In that way he is protecting his home. Not from Trav but from the evil sitters. Was he depositing before the Traveller arrived? He accepted daGenj without issue.
    We think those hideous sitters are still in his mind. He's fearful of their return.

  5. I am sure your Mom appreciates you making the bed even more than "protecting" the house. :)

  6. Beebs - dude - we get the protection thing, but you and #1 are safe from the guy outside....and he deserves some love too. :)

  7. Sitters were not always nice to YOU??? Sounds like new sitters are in order ASAP!
    We hope the shorter days and #1 being at home helps you.

  8. You got to show the intruder its your house so we understand
    Lily & Edward

  9. Da Beebs! You really shouldn't leave messes for #1 to clean up all the time. She is so good to you and you need to listen to her. You don't need to worry about Traveller. He's had a hard life and needs attention. Anyway, it's exciting #1 has a friend from Japan coming to visit. This time #1 isn't leaving the house. You should feel more secure. Remember to be good and wish everybody a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. We sure hope your account is full and you can quit leaving deposits now.

  11. Brian's comment cracks us up:) BOLOLOL!!!

    We think you might actually learn to like Traveler - he sure has won our hearts.

    No worries on the busy days, the same will be true here. Enjoy your visitor.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. We hope talking out your problems is helpful Beebs. You're just doing your job protecting everyone but maybe you should deposit love and snuggles instead?


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