Sunday, 22 November 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Now that #1 is back and it has gotten colder, snuggling has become our top priority! We have a good array of pics for you this Sunday so, without further ado, let me start with one of me snuggling with #1 (actually, sharing her chair with her!):

And here is one of me and Sei-Chan snuggling simultaeously with Tommy:

Sei-Chan has also been snuggling with #1 (she loves "doing her hair"!):

Da Genj has, as usual, glued himself to #1 at every opportunity:

And my Beebs has obviously been demanding his share of snuggles!

Here is a cute one of Violette gobbling up one of her English carrots:

And Vidock about to get a smooch on his pink snip:

 We have not yet gotten to the snuggle scenario with Trav, but here is one of him snuggled up in one of his (many) hay box beds at the back of the garage, waiting for his supper:

And, as a special bonus, here is one of Tommy's sister, Sophie, and his niece, Emily (mother and daughter) snuggled up together whilst they were here:

Wishing you all a warm, dry and snuggly Sunday!


  1. Happy snuggles!

    P.S. I like being on my human's chair with my human too.

  2. Good Meowning ALL of you Poupounette! The snuggling looks glorious and warm!

  3. Happy Snuggle Season to all of you!

  4. We always look forward to Sunday and all your great snuggles :)
    Have a pawsome day!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Great snuggle pictures ! Mum would love to give a smooch on Violette's nose ! Purrs

  6. You all look very happy to have #1 back with you.

  7. Yes it is getting cold and I am getting closer and closer to my human every minute she is at home to warm up and to get some snuggles too ;) Big purrs!

  8. A lot of fun pictures today! All the cats snuggling with #1 and Tommy. Da Beebs doing #1's hair is so funny. Even Traveller was a part of the felines today. Tommy's sister Sophie and niece are all cuddly. They look identical to Tommy. I don't know if I could tell them apart! I have to say my favorite photo was with Violette munching on the carrot! Love that nose! Vidock's picture is cute too! Lots of photos to enjoy today. Have a super Sunday!

  9. A wonderful Sunday of snuggles!!! And thanks for the bonus one - mother and daughter so sweet toether:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Ahhhhh... all these wonderful snuggles makes us want to snuggle.

    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  11. Lots of good snuggling going on at your house. Great pictures.

  12. Gotta snuggle if it's getting cold
    Lily & Edward

  13. What fabulishious snuggles! Yous guys always has the bestest snuggly snuggles...(and mes loves the ones of Sophie, Emily and Traveler)

  14. C'est la saison des câlins ... y compris avec les canapés, les plaids et les feux de cheminée.
    Genji comme toujours c'est toi qui fait les meilleurs câlins .... comme ta cousine.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat


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