Sunday, 15 November 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: At a time when our world in France has once again been plugged into darkness and sadness, we think it is more important than ever to snuggle up close. #1 got a full house of snuggle pics before leaving us on Friday, so please sit back and enjoy:

#1 with the Big V:

Me with Tommy:

Da Genj with #1:

Violette with #1:

Not a snuggle pic but we thought this one of Tommy and Sophie and Emily dining together was very sweet. The difference in size is pretty hilarious!

Tommy and Sei-Chan

And last but not least, a #1 and Da Beebs selfie!


  1. If everyone in the world were a snuggle master like you, the world would go far better ! We had to laugh by looking at Tommy's photo with his sisters : they look like the Dalton's Brothers in Lucky Luke ! Purs

  2. I really enjoyed these today. I'm doing a cat show today, so I will be snuggling with some judges.

  3. Yes, the whole world needs a a bit of sweetness right now.
    Squeeeeere! Emily! We're mad for her!

  4. We agree, snuggles for everyone, everywhere.

  5. The snuggle pictures are very welcome at this time of great sadness.

  6. Very nice selfies. I am praying for France.

  7. Snuggles are definitely needed right now. It's so awful what happened with the terrorists killing all those people in Paris.I'm so sick of those crazy ass killers. Am I not right Tama-Chan? Anyway, I really enjoyed all the snuggly photos. Tommy is so sweet with you Tama-Chan...Sei-Chan as well. It's so cute! I just love #1 with Vidock and Violette. That's because I'm horse crazy. But when I saw the selfie of #1 with Da Beebs, I thought, "Wow! that is a perfect picture and full of CUTENESS!" I always enjoy the photos and these are all amazing! Good job Tama-Chan!

  8. Fank you Chan Katss fur thee sue-purb 'snuggle' fotoss'! Aftur thee eventss what tooked place wee all needLUV an snuggles more....
    Numburr #1 yur so purrty......wee adoressyur sweet smile!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  9. We love the snuggles :)
    We like Tommy and family in 3 sizes!
    Purrs for Paris and France.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Yeah! I got my snuggles this week. I thought I was going to miss out.

  11. OH I got snuggles all week too but I LOVE seeing you all's snuggles! Never fails to lift our spirits.

  12. If only everybody would snuggle like you Chans....
    The world would be such a pawsome place!

  13. All those snuggles bring a smile to our faces. Thanks for brightening our day.

  14. Yeah, it is a snuggle kind of time. Stay safe gang.

  15. We needed to see all those snuggles today.

  16. Snuggles remind us of what is important- love, understanding and family.

  17. Mrs just had to comes for the snuggles!
    Cin a on just loves the picture of Tommy, Sophie and Emily.
    Kisses Nellie, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Mommy


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