Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wednesday Whinnies

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! We promised you last week that we would tell you about the rest of our day on Sunday, September 27th, and here I am to do just that!

As soon as we got back from the cathedral, had a little hay, and our people ate lunch, we had to get ready for the afternoon's big event which was a parade commemorating the First World War. It was presented as a series of sketches with letters being read out that were written by a man at the front and his wife back at the farm. I was right at the front of the parade, ridden by Uncle E in a splendid heavy cavalry uniform, complete with armour!

The saddle was a genuine 1914 military saddle. And that's a real sword!
Here we are in the actual parade:

There were lots and lots of spectators!

This next pic is the one that #1 says looks the most romantic:

And here is #1 goofing off... She can be quite embarrassing at times...

 I just pretend to be asleep...

Violette: Whilst the Big V was strutting about, doing his "war horse" thing, I was with my #1. We were taking part together in a scene on the requisition of horses. Military troops would come into farms and take their horses for use in the war effort. The only exception was if horses had a physical problem or mares were in foal. So, #1 told them I had a limp (true) and that I was in foal (NOT TRUE!), so they didn't take me! Can you imagine how sad it was to see your horses being taken away, knowing you would probably never see them again? 

For this, #1 had to dress up as a peasant woman of circa 1914. That was interesting... It was the first time in over 25 years she had to put on a dress!

Here we are on our way to the start of the parade, through the streets of Chartres:

 Waiting for the parade to start:

Here we are with the officers doing the requisition:

And you know what was amazing? That mare in front of me in this next photo, she is my half-sister! Her name is Mignonne! We have the same Mama.

 This is #1 favourite pic of the two of us. I really like it too.

And we got a pic of both me and Vidock with our respective people:

It was such a fun day in every way. We both love these outings and #1 says it's really good for us to be out and about and show people what wonderful horses we Percherons are!


  1. What a fantastic event to be a part of guys!
    Vidock, you look so handsome in that WW1 gear.
    We bet you and Violette had lots of fun.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. What a cool event! My human is always interested in anything involving WWI - she loves 1910s and 1920s cinema, and always takes note when there is a movie from the time about the Great War.

  3. Vidock! You are the star of the parade! That's so exciting. I love the WW1 uniform and armour. You're so funny,Vidock, pretending your asleep while #1 is acting silly with you! I get it. A stud like you has a reputation to uphold. Then there is #1 dressed up leading Violette through the parade.It is great to meet your half sister, Violette. She looks a lot like you. I love that picture of you and #1 together. It's also #1's favorite. I couldn't stand it if someone came and took my horse away knowing I'd never see him or her ever again. I would pretend my horse was injured too. It's fun to see the 2 V's involved in this First World War Parade. They are very cultured now with all their horse experiences. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. An amazingly cool event
    Lily & Edward

  5. What an adventure! I wish I could have been there to see that! Well done everyone! :)

  6. Oh yes, that was an amazing event!!! We are so impressed with you as a war horse, Vidock!!! And Violette, we know for sure that if you lived during WWI, #1 would have done everything and more to protect and save you.

    Thanks for sharing - this was so much fun to see.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Such lovely photos of this wonderful event. You make a magnificent war horse Vidock, and Violette, you look beautiful being led by #1 as a peasant woman.

  8. You two are so impressive, and Vidock you look so Majestic!

  9. What wonderful horses you were! That's quite an event. We'd love to be a able to see it. Are there any videos?
    Actually , #1 looks quite lovely. Period garb seems to suit her. She reminds us of the celebrated author and illustrator Tasha Tudor in those photos.

  10. Wonderful photos - I feel as though I was there. Both of the V's look beautiful.

  11. What a fantastic event to be a part of !
    Viddock you look really COOL in the WW one gear !
    Violette, you look beautiful being led by #1 as a peasant woman.
    Can tell you my mom-person haven´t worn a dress for many many years either :)


  12. You are ALL lovely! #1 has much to be proud of (including her own role playing).


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