Saturday, 24 October 2015


Sei-Chan: It turns out there is always something right? You may have noticed that we have not been that good at visiting lately? Well, #1 is totally overwhelmed with work. After a long drought, she has been getting projects left, right and centre and consequently sitting at her Mac all day, tearing her hair out. She of course says that we come first, so feeding, snuggling, walking Tommy and going to see the Vs have not suffered, but not much else has. Sorry, Friends!

I have been giving #1 a lot of moral support by snuggling with her in bed at night (those photos are for Sunday, of course). But here is a fun one of me, Tama-Chan and Da Beebs all relaxing in the living room:

We haven't been getting too many sunpuddles lately, but #1 did catch me n a nice one earlier this week:

And again (this one complete with Claws of Doom). The fact is that I never use my claws so #1 doesn't clip them very often...

Apparently, the sunpuddles are on their way back!

Have a great SEIturday, Everyone!


  1. I sure hope you kitties will be getting more sun puddles soon!

  2. Happy SEIturday dear furries and #1. Just seeing your dear faces here and you all enjoying the sunpuddles and walks and Mad Fernant and Traveller will easily do me until #1 has time. Goodness knows we understand. xoxoxox

  3. Hey, busy happens! Sunpuddles always help pass the time!

  4. we love sun puddles too -- we don't get many at the moment. Lovely to visit again after time out from the blogging world, Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley & Fred xxxx

  5. It's so good of you, Sei-Chan, to give #1 moral support. It gets crazy after spending hours on the computer. That's great that you were able to find a couple of sunpuddles. I also love the picture of you and your siblings all "crashing" on the beds. You remind me of my daughter's cat, Stein. He was really sick and almost didn't make it until the vet did surgery to save his life. That's true love when you spend thousands to help your cat. It's almost a good idea to get pet insurance when you have multiple animals. Anyway, I wish #1 good luck with her work. Hope you all have a wonderful SEIturday!

  6. Sorry #1 has been so busy. Sei-Chan, you are a very good kitty to give moral support for her. She sure appreciates tons of snuggling from you :-)

  7. Projects means green papers for her to spend on all of you! We will survive with out the visits. Even if she does a quick read and doesn't comment. Mum does that when things get bizzy.

  8. It is good that #1 is busy. It pays for your treats ;)
    However, it can occupy her time when the work is all at once :/
    Good think you all come first.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. We all know that #1 will always take the best of care of all of you. And she has done a great job of visiting us for which we are very grateful. But if she is happy with her projects and takes good care of you, then life is good. We hope those sunpuddles stick around for a lot of days.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Sei ta robe est magnifique dans le soleil.
    Tu commences à ressembler à un nounours cuivré. Moi aussi j'ai fait du poil d'hiver.
    Profites bien de ton soleil et laisse ton humaine s'agiter. C'est une manie d'humain ça. Ils devraient prendre exemple sur nous.

  11. We sympathize! Our Mommy has totally slipped off the commenting bandwagon...*sigh*...she is LAZY. (that's what they think! --ed.)


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