Monday, 12 October 2015

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend. Here I am, as promised, with some of the photos taken of my studly self by the Japanese photographer, Hiroaki Ota. Just look at these!

There are more, but I had better leave some room for my bros, right?

Tommy: Yesterday, I drove to the Paris suburbs with #1 for a family lunch:

And here I am, hanging out with my Beebsy Bro:

Da Beebs: Guess what? I had to go and see Dr. C on Friday. #1 noticed that Tommy kept licking my tummy and found that I had a bare, scabby patch there. So, she put me in the carrier (easy enough) and off we went.  By the time we approached the vet clinic, the inside of the carrier was in a state that #1 described as "unspeakable." She cleaned it and me up as much as possible before the consultation but Dr. C had to hose down the carrier... (and clean me up a little more).

Anyway, no big deal on the sore site. Dr. C thinks it's a bite that I worked on and then, with Tommy's "help" it just got worse. So, I get a nice cleaning and cortizone cream on it twice a day. It's already looking a lot better. #1 is talking about hitching a trailer next time she has to take me in!

Genji: Hey! The Japanese photographer took some shots of me too!

Didn't I pose well?

And doesn't this nice autumnal background suit me?

The Traveller: For this week's photo shoot, #1, Tommy and I met up in the big field:

Apparently, #1 talked about me with Dr. C last Friday, asking her what else she could do for me. Dr. C told her that good food and shelter really were the two most important things. Beyond that, she said it would be good to worm me, so #1 will have to figure out a way to do it without my suspecting anything. Do you think she will succeed?

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Those are amazing shots of you, Vidock! And I'm sorry you messed your carrier, Bibi - you must have been nervous!

  2. We think #1 will have to be ruthless and be prepared before grabbing The Traveller as he will not be used to this. Good Luck!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Go, Vidock, go! Everyone looks so happy!

  4. Bibi that happened to Admiral once. Bifocal, you look superb!! Traveller, be cooperative. You will be glad. xxoo

  5. Vidock my apologies. Auto correct.

  6. Vidock, those pics are outstanding! Such power in that first one!
    Actually all of you have lovely pics today and we are so glad that Da Beebs is ok.
    Too bad the cat carrier didn't fare as well....

  7. Wow! Vidock you're so stunning and powerful! I just love the pictures the Japanese photographer took. They're magnificent! Tommy you're so lucky #1 takes you everywhere. I hear you went to Paris for lunch with family. They're my family too. I sure am glad Da Beebs got her hydrocortisone cream for her wound. Tommy, you were just trying to help keep the wound clean. You're such a good boy. I also enjoyed the pics of Genji posing and Traveller in the field. #1 will have to be sneeky to give Traveller her worm medicine. Anyway, you all have a marvelous Monday.

  8. Vidock tu es magnifique quand tu fais .... l'andouille. Et ce n'est pas péjoratif. J'adore voir un cheval faire le fou.
    Genji tu prends bien la pause. Tu commences à ressembler à un nounours.

    Comme je présume que Bibi n'est pas un fou qui se gratte ou se lèche au sang, comme le fait Hisia, au moindre bobo, je présume également que c'est surtout la manie des chiens de lécher les plaies qui est en cause.
    Le Voyageur a un air tout doux et calme. Il est bien.
    Il y a des chats qui aiment le Milbemax.

    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  9. Beebs - dude - we understand not wanting to see the v-e-t, but not enough to do something to warrant a bath.

    mom says try to mix the dewormer with some canned food or chicken or tuna and see if that works.

  10. I can see you are enjoying kicking your heels up Vidock!
    Can you get Panacur Guard Feline liquid wormer and mix it in the food? I think it is given over 5 days, the same as for horses.

  11. The Japanese photographer has really captured your beauty and your power, Vidock.
    Did you have a lovely time in Paris, Tommy? We're sure you got lots of attention.
    Genji, you are magnificence personified. Obviously the photographer must understand cats.
    Little Traveller , you are such an adorable cat. Try very hard to trust #1. She will never let you down dear one.
    Poor Beebs! Maybe you sort of had to "go" even before you were put in your carrier. We can't tell our beans . We wonder how they'd like it if we locked them in a carrier without asking them if they needed the loo. No one will ever blame you.

  12. Hey Da Beebs, I sure am glad all is okay. Vidock, you look amazing!!!

  13. Vidock had some real action shots. Sorry DaBeebs stunk the place up. and good luck with Traveller.

  14. Those are the most amazing photos of Vidock! Wow! and Beebs...Nellie would be so proud that you did so well! She LOVES it when cats are ... difficult!
    Love the photos of Genji too
    Cuddles and skritches
    (Nellie's Mom)

  15. This Monday was very manly indeed. Dearest Beebs, don't worry. My kitty who went to the Bridge, Amber, could never make it to the vet EVER without letting go from both ends. I had to line the carrier with puppy pads and when I got to the vet I'd toss em and the vet would give me a couple more for the ride home. I don't know if it was nerves or possibly car-sickness cause when we would get there she loved the vet and was really relaxed. Or maybe she just got it all out of her system, literally, before getting there. Neddless to say, it's no big deal, and I'm glad you're all right.

    Vidock you look beautiful in your special photos

    Genji, super cutie as always

    Tommy, the best pooch ever

    The Traveler, you are such a lucky boy to have ended up at #1's. If you give her a chance she will make your life wonderful. You will have everything you need and all the love you could ever imagine.

  16. We enjoyed your crazy photos, Vidock ! Poor Beebs, it happens to Zorro last year, and he feels your pain ! Great photo of Genji, Tommy, and The Traveller. Purrs


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