Monday, 5 October 2015

Manly Monday

Genji: I think it is high time I was featured first again on Manly Monday! And here is a nice shot of me that #1 took last week:

I may be the littlest of the Chans but #1 always says that I have the biggest paws! 

Da Beebs: Here I am, relaxing on the living room sofa:

Tommy: I am just glad that our schedule (and therefore my walks) is back to normal!

Vidock: That Japanese photographer came to visit us Vs, and I showed him my moves!

The Traveller: I gave the nice #1 lady a bit of a fright last week as I disappeared for several days. I had some private business to attend to... But I came back. I do always come back to her. And she is very happy that she can now get as close as two feet. One day...

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Genji, you remind me of my little brother who is the Somali version of you! He is exceedingly handsome, and has a bright future!

  2. We love all the manliness this Monday!
    You all look so good.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. You guys all look quite grand. Be safe Traveller.

  4. You all look most handsome and I am glad the Traveler is back.

  5. Y'all look absolutely terrific and it's always nice to see the Traveler!

  6. How handsome you are, Genji. And your paws are perfect!
    Little Traveler, you don't know how happy you will be once you are petted by #1. You will feel very loved.
    Vidock, that is certainly a lovely photo of you.
    Tommy, you just radiate happiness.
    Looking good Beebs, as always.

  7. You do have big feets but they sure are cute
    Lily & Edward


  8. You boys are all handsome and debonair :) We are glad to see The Traveller featured and to know he thankfully returned to love and to safety after his business elsewhere was completed :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Traveler, I didn't know you were away on business. You might let the family know? Courtesy.

    Genji, they ARE big! Your toes are hours long! Vidock...whew...what a studly stud!!!

  10. Genji an Beebss yur lookin so reegal an comfy inn yur bedss!! Tommy doggie it iss grate to see you out inn yur field of flowerss!!! Yur so adoorabull!
    Mee-you idock you tooked our breathss away with yu foto!!! Yur BERRY studlee you know??
    An Traveller sumtimess a mankat has t do what a mankat must do!
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  11. You look very interested in something Genji. Lovely manly photos of all of you.

  12. What good looking manliness this week!

  13. Tu as l'air super sérieux et concentré quand tu relaxes Bibi.
    Genji c'est toi le plus beau. C'est vrai que tu as des pattes de taille"respectable".
    Les garçons, enfin surtout toi Genji, il faut dire au Voyageur de ne pas trop s'éloigner. C'est dangereux le dehors.


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