Saturday, 20 December 2014


Sei-Chan: We are posting a little later than usual today. We were entertaining last night, with eleven people here for a pot luck dinner, and they left pretty late so we were all pooped. We have more people coming to lunch tomorrow but at least we can get a little bit of rest today. The festive season can be exhausting, you know…

The weather has been rather grim this past week. Not cold but very grey and lots of rain, so I have been doing a lot of this:

That spot on the radiator is really quite special. Can you see that too am wearing a Christmas collar. Mine has little Christmas trees on it! It's from Beastie Bands.

#1 is quite pleased with this portrait of me. She says it really shows off my lovely eyes well. Many Abyssinians, such as our pesky bro Genji, have amber eyes, but in my family, we have green eyes! My Mama, Viña del Mar, had the most amazing emerald eyes.

Last but not least, here is a photo of me giving #1's hand a very gentle bitey!

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!


  1. My human keeps hoping my eyes will turn green - Sparkle's were, and she was nearly 3 before they developed their color. So we have a while to go!

  2. All of our eyes are amber. Only our rainbow buffer Toro had blue eyes. It's true that you eyes are very beautiful green ones Sei-chan.

  3. I bet you entertained the guests good yesterday :)
    Have been lots of rain over here too this week , but today the sun i shining.


  4. Your eyes are terrific and we hope your Saturday is too!

  5. You know we think you have the most beautiful and delightful little face, dear Sei! We were excited to see your mum's beautiful face and her dreamy green eyes.
    We can see you resemble her.
    Does your #1 know anything about the Japan Cat Network? They have calendar's to benefit the cats affected by Fukushima. Is it an honorable group?

  6. Not only do you have very lovely green eyes,(as do your momma, Tama, and the Beebs) but you also have the most amazing floofy belly!! We would like to snuggle with you against that floofiness. I have big green eyes too, my momma says they look like big gooseberries, and my brother, has big ridiculously blue eyes being a meezer and all. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

  7. Beautiful eyes ! We hope you enjoyed your visitors and had fun ! Purrs

  8. Happy weekend and happy partying.

  9. You have beautiful eyes. Happy weekend to all of you.

  10. We love your beautiful green eyes, Sei-Chan.

  11. Beautiful pictures of you Sei!Hope you enjoy your company tomorrow :)

  12. Nice Bitey! Gotta have a little Naughty with the Nice!

  13. Il a l'air plutôt bien ton radiateur Sei. Ici il n'y en a pas des comme ça. Je me couche à côté d'un le matin.
    Tu as de très beaux yeux.
    Mais ..... Hisia elle dit que tu te trompes au sujet des yeux des abyssins. Ils sont en majorité dorés, et rarement verts ou ambrés.
    Les tiens sont rares. Ceux de Genji sont dorés, pas ambrés.
    Ceux d'Hisia sont ambrés, comme ceux de sa maman. Ce n'est pas dorés. Parfois ils sont oranges !

  14. Mowzers, you're right!! You have LOVELY green eyes!!


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