Saturday, 25 October 2014

Stronghearted SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: You know, Dear Friends, that I have a reputation for being shy and a little bit of a scaredy-cat. The fact is that I pick my friends carefully and like to stay out of trouble, unlike my sister Tama and her son Beebs who have been known to fight like ruffians in the middle of the living room floor. But this does not mean that I am always cowering under the bed. Behold me, at the top of the tree, dangling the claws of doom at Tama-Chan:


Closest up C.O.D!

In other news, I have been trying out a couple of new napping places. The first one offers the advantage of combining a box with a nice blankie and an old fleece of #1's for optimum comfort:

And the second is one of the nooks in the big cat tree in the kitchen:

To be honest, I am happy with all arrangements now that #1 is back here with us...


  1. Your latest napping spots look awesome, Sei!

  2. Your C.O.D are entirely awesome. That fleece looks good as well.

  3. You do a perfect dangling paw Sei-Chan.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Sei Chan, those look like some mighty fine places to have a nice long nap. It is good to see you. Lots of us are a little shy. You all have a great day.

  5. Some effective Claws of Doom! I would love to see Tama and Beebs tussling like ruffians!

  6. We hate to say it but Miss Tama-Chan really doesn't look too worried about your claw of doom. Those do look like comfy places to hang out though.

  7. Pawsome claws ! Your last napping spot looks like a good hiding spot too ! Purrs

  8. OH it is SO good to be back and see you. Mom has been TERRIBLE about helping me. LOVE those claws od Doom. They are impressive. They are better than MINE!

  9. You have some very good napping spots Sei-Chan. No-one should argue with your claws of doom.

  10. Those is most excellent spots! Mes is so furry happy! Mes is getting yous in my emails again! That makes it so much easier to visits yous!
    Have a fabulishious weekend!

  11. That dangle paw n' claws is just purrfect! Have a fun weekend everyone!!!

  12. You-know-who is all aswoon, gazing at your Mighty Claws!

  13. Nothing wrong with being a little shy and reserved - bet you are still quite special to #1. And you really have that dangle perfected!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. We agree, we're happy as long as our mom's home. And we hear RUMORS that she's LEAVING us on Wednesday. *hisssss*

    We know you must be sooo happy #1 is home!

  15. Ohhh you are getting quite brave aren't you! Way to go :)
    Happy Caturday all!
    Marty and Mom

  16. Tu es comme moi Sei. Etre un peu discrète, timide, ne pas chercher la bagarre, ça veut pas dire qu'on est des poules mouillées toujours cachées.
    Ton carton a l'air bien confortable.
    Moi aussi j'aime bien dormir dans un endroit fermé en hiver. Toi c'est la boite de l'arbre à chat, moi c'est un igloo. Mais il fait encore trop chaud ici pour ça.


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