Friday, 19 September 2014

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! How have you been? Can you believe that the Big V and I have actually had a quiet week? Well, that's a real shocker, isn't it, after all the recent activity. Of course, I did get my hooves done last week and I don't think I have shared any pics of that with you, have I?

I like that pic because don't you think that the hot shoe looks almost violet? So pretty! And if any of you are at all worried, believe me, it does NOT hurt! If it did, I would never stand so quietly!

#1 was so proud of me because I was good as gold whereas that Big B leaned against the farrier and got told off…

In other news, I have been hanging out with my friend, Manou:

She's on the right in the picture. I am the one on the left, with the totally awesome neck.

And here is a pic #1 really likes because she says it shows that both my coat and my mane are like silk!

Vidock: It has been quite warm this past week, so here I am enjoying a little shade behind my shelter:

And enjoying a cooling long drink of water:

Coming up to say hello to #1:

The warm weather, however, doesn't stop me from enjoying an occasional spot of "Thundering Hooves", our version of THoE:

Here is wishing everyone a great weekend!


  1. You are both such gorgeous creatures... I always love seeing you, and so does my human!

  2. Yes. This is rather quiet for the pair of you. We always expect the both of you to be in the thick of things but sometimes it's good to be quiet.

  3. What a great display of thundering hooves Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. You look totally terrific and i hope. your weekend is wonderful!

  5. Bet those pedicures feel good
    Lily & Edward

  6. Violette you are ever the lady, so polite. And Vidock you are simply study as ever

  7. So beautiful! We are sure you make the earth shake playing TH!

  8. Love seeing how they shoe you, it always fascinates me. Good to see you thundering around too. You are magnificent horses

  9. C'est bien de jouer aux vedettes, mais après un peu de calme pour se ressources c'est pas mal ..
    Tu as changé de pré Violette ? Ce n'est pas une pur sang arabe qui est avec toi.

    Bon week end
    Nat à Chat

  10. Sometimes it is good to have a quiet week so you can just kick your heels up and relax.

  11. It looks like both of you are having an awesome week! Such beautiful weather - ours has turned cool the past day or two.


  12. Looking good V's! Millie loves your pink shoe Miss V.

  13. Hello my favorite Equine! You are both looking gorgeous as always! Glad you area getting some late summer sunshine!
    Marty's Mom

  14. Happy Weekend. You needed to do "Neigh Like a Pirate".

  15. We know we have said it before but it is true - every time we see you two you get more beautiful and more handsome - how is that possible? Hope you all have a nice and quiet weekend.

    Arghhh WOOOOOO - Captain Phantom, Lass Ciara, and Matey Lightning

  16. You both are looking so good! We always enjoy seeing you. And Violette, great shoes. We know how a girl loves new shoes. ;)

  17. Yous both looks so fabulishious! Violette! The horseshoe looks hot! And I mean the gorgeous kind of hot! That they fits your feets purrfectly must be wonderful. And Vidock! Yous is just the handsomest! Mes would LIVES to comes and goes for a a ride with each of yous!
    (PS Snow last week and this week, today the forecast is for 26 degrees C!

  18. What stylish new shoes, Miss Violette! Love the color. And Vidock, you are such a handsome man-horse as you shake the earth playing TH!

  19. Vidock! You leaned on the farrier? That was not polite and I know you were raised better than that. are a silken dream of a girl..and yes, with an awesome neck!


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