Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We may be beginning to sound like broken records (Hey, do people even know what broken records sound like anymore?) but we are continuing to enjoy our late summer and all its associated warmth and sunpuddles. The window in the kitchen has been wide open every day:

This is one of me on one of the days I had managed to lose my collar (temporarily):

Wandering into the cat run (#1 did a big clean up the other day!)

Doing a little dangling…

Taking it all in…

And trying not to take any notice of my Beebsy son sticking his tongue out at me…

Oh, and I have some news! We have a new neighbour. You remember how our neighbours lost their beautiful boy, Manoush, very suddenly a few months ago? Well, they have a new kitten! Her name is JADE, pronounced the French way "Jahd." She is just two months old and is a dilute calico, just like our good friend Daisy! Although her lineage isn't quite as stellar… Anyway, #1 went over to take her some toys and get a few kitten photos:

Here she is with the feathery ball and mousie from us!

#1 says it's really hard to get decent kitten photos!!!


  1. Jade is adorable! My human is happy I am a little older - she says it is hard enough getting decent photos of me.

  2. Hi !
    First I wan´t to say I´m sorry for not visiting you in a while it´s of course my hopeless mom-persons fault !
    We have the same lovely late summer weather over here and I have been outside much this weekend :)

    Your new neighbor Jade sure is a little cutie Pie <3
    I bet she will brake many mancat hearts as she grows up :)


  3. Tama, it is easy to see you love the sunshine and we love your dangles :)
    Little Jade is mighty cute!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. We love to see you just hanging out in the sunpuddles.

  5. Nothing wrong with sunpuddles - especially when we have them too. Little Jade is so very sweet! But not as dangly and glowing as you, Queen T

  6. looking good Tama!! we love having open windows here too! Jade is very adorable and mom says she knows what #1 means about kitten pictures :)

  7. love it when you dangle. Little Jade is a cutey. She reminds me of my Fionna when she was that age, except Fi is now a little darker in color.

  8. Tama , we are happy to see the sun is still shining there for you. It is very warm and sunny here too but rain is in the near forecast. Jade, you are truly adorable and oh! so tiny!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Tama, you are lucky to have open windows. Our mom has closed ours, because this year September came in briskly! We still have sun puddles, but this is turning into cuddle weather.
    Little Jade is adorable! We are sure she'll make a lovely neighbor.

  10. How rude of your son to stick his tongue out at you!
    Your new neighbour is very pretty.

  11. Tu ne radotes pas Tama. Le soleil il faut en profiter et en parler. Ce n'est jamais lassant !
    Qu'elle est craquante la mini demoiselle....
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  12. Wow ! All photos are great !
    Really beautiful sun puddles and green and of course , you look great too. New neighbour just so cute !
    Have a fantastic time !

  13. You just keep enjoying the fun in the sun because you look great doing it! Little Jade is very big on cute!

  14. Jade is adorable! Enjoy your sunshine, Tama-Chan.

  15. Thank goodness that kitten is taken. Mum is going 'squee', she is a cutie.

  16. You look beautiful in the sun puddle ! Welcome to Jade, she's lovely ! Purrs

  17. OH how beautiful Jade is. I will always use her French pronunciation when I see her. Lovely. I am so glad she has come to have her new mommy , Yes, my mommy said she remembers that sad trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

  18. Holy cat! Look at those little eyes, so moody, like a young Lauren Bacall! Jade's too adorable!

  19. OMC Jade is adorable! So glad your neighbors have found a new friend to warm their hearts!


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