Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: First things first! I am today's Calendar Girl on the CB calendar!

#1 is rather pleased that I am featured today as it was also the birthday of TOWCB, Ikkyu, who went to the Bridge in 2007. Here is a photo of him:

IKKYU (1992-2007)

Ikkyu was definitely a one-person kilty, and very happily shared #1's life with her, and travelled the world with her, for 15 happy years.

Now, back to me! I have been relaxing on my cat tree in the kitchen:

And doing some tail dangles:

…As well as some more traditional dangles in a sunpuddle on one of the kitchen chairs:

Now, I did mention, did I not, that there was abandonment afoot? Tomorrow, both #1 AND Tommy leave us for almost six days. They say they are going on holiday, and Tommy has received a special invitation. There is a get-together of #1's cousins who are coming from here in France, but also from England, Germany and Canada. Tommy will be the only woofie and is feeling quite honoured. He is also really looking forward to the beach as it seems this place (Ile de Ré) has amazing beaches. In the meantime, we will have Fernant's Mom coming in in the mornings, and Ms. S will come midday and in the evenings for food, treats, playtime and cuddles. We will clear be totally miserable…

The aim is to continue blogging throughout this "holiday." Let's se how we do.


  1. Holidays at the beach is then best. We hope #1 and Tommy will have a fine holiday. We know you guys will get tons of presents and THAT will be something.

  2. That is quite the get-together! I want to hear more about Ikkyu, since I plan on being a traveling kitty too! Although maybe not as internationally as him.

  3. Lovely dangles Tama.
    While you will be well looked after,
    we know you will miss #1 and Tommy.
    We do hope they have a good time!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. We wish #1 and Tommy great holidays ! We're sure you'll be missed and get some presents when they come back ! Purrs

  5. We hope #1 and Tommy have a great time with #1's cousins. Great dangles Tama.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I am so impressed that you have a calendar page- very nice and well deserved.

  7. We saw you on the calendar first thing this morning & MomKatt said we'd have to write to congratulate you! Lookin' good!


  8. We saw your great photo on the calendar this morning too!

  9. looking good Tama!!

    We hope #1 and Tommy have a great time...we know all of you will be spoiled rotten :)

  10. We saw you this morning! But I can't believe your person is taking Tommy and going away for 6 days. I find that horrible!

  11. How special being the calendar model
    Lily & Edward

  12. Tama-Chan, you are looking wonderful in the calendar!
    Sorry #1 and Tommy will be gone but I hope they have a wonderful holiday :-)

    Happy birthday to Ikkyu over the RB xoxo

  13. How awesome to be in the calendar.

    We hope #1 and Tommy have a great holiday!

    Monty and Harlow

  14. Encore abandonnée..
    Remarques Tama, rester entre chats c'est pas mal non plus. Parfois les zumains ils sont un peu rabat joie et nous empêchent de faire des trucs intéressants.
    Ta chaise par exemple, elle a l'air très bien pour dormir et ... pour faire ses griffes.
    Bonne vacances à ta #1 et à Tommy.

  15. You look lovely on the calendar Tama.
    It sounds like Tommy and #1 are going to have a lovely holiday.

  16. How cool that you are in the calendar!

  17. We were so happy to see sweet Tama-chan's face on our calendar today.

    Happy Calendar Cat Day.

  18. We hope you survive your abandonment. We have just survived a very long one, so we can sympathize! On the other hand, vacations for our moms are wonderful, and we wish #1 and Tommy a good time at the beach.

  19. You look so good in your calendar picture! Love your pictures this week too!
    Marty and Mom

  20. You are the master of the Dangle. I am jellus!


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