Monday, 10 February 2014

Manly Monday - Sore Hoof and Such

Vidock: I get to go first today to tell you about my sore hoof. On Saturday morning, #1 noticed that I seemed really quiet and then she saw me stumbling, and then limping badly. She wanted me brought right back in to figure out what was wrong but my teacher insisted on making me go round and round for more than 10 minutes so he  "could see the problem." #1 was fuming. We eventually came back in and saw that I had a problem with one of my frogs. You didn't know I had a frog? Actually, I have four! They are the tender parts in the centre of my hooves. The French called them "forks". Anyway, my left hind frog had overgrown and was making it really painful for me to walk. My teacher fancies himself a bit of a farrier and he tried to address the problem a little but it was clear I needed a farrier. Not an easy proposition at noon on a Saturday! Fortunately, #1 remembered that Mr. N who used to be my farrier when I lived with Mr. E and Ms. S was going to be there that day. She called and Mr. N agreed to come out immediately to take care of me. Mr. E came with him too. It was just like old times!

What the farrier did was to trim the frog. In fact, the tool he used is pretty much like a big peeler.

This is what the bits he removed look like:

This may gross you out but you know what happened to them? My little woofie bro, Tommy, ate them! He says they are the most delicious treat ever! #1 says I have really smelly feet!

I said a big thank you to Mr. N afterwards!

They also discovered that I have a little bit of something called mud fever at the back of my pasterns. It's caused by nasty little beasties so Ms. S, who is experienced in treating this, told #1 that she needed to clean out the area well every day and then spray a special product, and that I needed to stay indoors because it should not get wet. My teacher (who tends to think he is the only who knows anything, or rather everything) disagreed and there ended up being a huge fight as he wanted me to be treated with bleach and put back out in my wet field. #1 stood her ground so I am indeed in my box and she is bringing my treats there for me!

There was quite a shouting match between my teacher and #1 so we're not sure where all that is going, but #1 says the most important thing is ME!

TOM: I have to tell you, those "frogs" are really DELISH!!!

The weather has been pretty horrible so our time outdoors with #1 has been limited. Here is a muddy photo from the end of last week, when Fernant was still with us:

I had great fun also when #1 and I went over to care for Ms. L's two cats, including my good buddy Marcel! He loves a good chat:

And #1 did manage to get one really nice sunpuddle portrait of me!

Da Beebs: Huh? What?

I'm busy floofilating your bed, #1!

And I miss Houbibi-ing!

That was taken in our cat run a  few days ago when we had a brief sunny interlude!

Genji: DO I look cute or what?

And here I am in a leadership role, trying to encourage Da Beebs and Sei-Chan to steal #1's lunch…

And looking manly in the cat run:

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Vidock , I´m glad to hear that you are inside , so your hoof can heal properly !
    Not good to walk around in mud with sore hoof´s !

    YES you do look furry cute in that picture , Genji :)

    Happy Monday to you all !


  2. Arghhhhh that was san about you eating the frogs Tommy but I thought you were furry brave. I also thought Vidock was furry brave to undergo such pain but as usual I fink it musta have been exciting. Nuffing exciting happens here much. We both like your sunpuddle pikshur.
    Your pal

  3. Oh poor thing. Looks like you are in need of a hoof-acure

  4. What a nasty man making you walk on your ouchie hoof Vidock - if he ever tries to sit on you rear up and make him fall off.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. our money is on #1 when it comes to your care Vidock!!

  6. Okay, I have to ask - we had to quit letting our pups eat the hoof parings. They would vomit them up several hours later. Does Tommy get sick?

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Vidock, I am glad you got those frogs sorted out, and that #1 went to bat for you. "Some" people apparently don't know as much about stuff as they think they do! My human's boyfriend is leaving for a European tour with one of his bands tomorrow - he will be gone for a month through Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain and he says the weather humans say it will rain all but three of those days! No sun puddles for him!

  8. I am so glad #1 took charge of the situation and did what you needed!!!

  9. Il donne un peu l'impression d'avoir la grosse tête, la science infuse ce Monsieur ! Il manque peut etre un peu d'humilité.
    Ce que sais par expérience c'est que la gale des sables se soigne, entre autre, en évitant l'humidité au niveau du paturon.
    L'humidité n'a jamais été connue comme étant l'amie des chevaux !
    Ceci étant dit, la photo de Tommy et de son copain est vraiment géniale. Ils ont vraiment l'air d'être en grande conversation.
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  10. Hi Vidock, we already saw cows suffering from similar mud fever : it seems to be very painful ! #1 is right, despite what your teacher could think, the most important is you and your health ! We don't know what to think about the Tommy's food preferences, but it's a dog after all... Head butts to the cat staff ! Purrs

  11. Good for #1 for standing up for you Vidock! It doesn't take 10 minutes to see you are lame. Mum says the teachers sometimes forget they are paid to do a job and the owner has the final say. I hope your mud fever soon clears up. Mum says that several of the horses she has cared for over the years have got mud fever in the winter and she swears by Protocon ointment for treating and preventing further occurrences.

  12. Vidock I am glad to hear that #1 is keeping you inside and giving you treats. Hope your hoof and hocks are doing better. Genji that is a beautiful picture of you and the blue blanket really brings out your gorgeous eyes! Hope you all have a good week

  13. Poor Vidock - we are so glad he has such a great human to do what is best for him and get him the best care. Tommy, great sunpuddle shot. And oh the kitties, such very cute pics.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Vidock, we are happy that #1 stuck up for you and that you get to rest and heal inside. Plus, and this is just between us, Maybe it is time to toss your teacher again!

  15. Vidock, we're glad you got your frogs taken care of, but we still can't believe Tommy ate those pieces!

  16. Vidock! Mes was so worried that yous was limping and then so glad that Mr. N could takes care of yous and that your Mommy told your teacher that she was right!
    And Tommy, Bob and Cinnamon think yous looks spectacular and Jo-Jo and mes was happy to gaze upon the Beebs and Genji!

  17. Oh Vidock! I am so glad you got good care for your foot! And I am glad too that #1 was firm about your staying inside. I would very much like to have #1 on my team!

    Love all the manly photos today!


  18. Oh Vidock, we feel so badly for your sore frog! Thank goodness #1 is firmly in your corner and got you properly seen to. And Tommy? euuuuwwwww!!!!!

  19. You have the best #1! Even I as a kitty thank her for (of course) letting your health come first! Good on her.

    Vidock I hope your mud fever clears up in a timely manner. And why your teacher insisted that you go through your rounds with a bad limp..I have to wonder about him and his feelings about animals. But perhaps I am being too harsh.

    All of you, Marcel too (I love his name!!) have a good rest of the week. Mommy was gone all day and did not get home till late yesterday so I did not get to visit much. xoxox

  20. Wow, Vidock, we can't believe that gross thing was on your foot. Good thing #1 is looking out for you. And as for Tommie, well, dogs will eat just about anything!

  21. We cannot overstate how much we respect your #1. She is our hero! Maybe your teacher tried to trivialise your issues, Vidoch, because he
    had allowed them to happen and it
    was #1 who found his lax care.
    This man's ego got in the way
    and caused you unnecessary pain
    and suffering. This is not acceptable-ever. We know your #1 will always do the RIGHT thing not just what is convenient or easy
    God bless her for her commitment to
    the best care for all of you.
    (p.s. Your teacher's big ego scares
    us. Might he do anything to
    jeopardise the treatment to prove
    himself right? Mum's experience with
    big ego human doctor made us ask

  22. Hmm. Sounds as though there is a power trip happening with this "teacher" both between #1 and Vidock. We hope he redeems himself in the very near future since it is offensive that he would allow Vidock to limp through his routine for ten minutes...why?.. to seemingly ensure he was actually suffering! Sigh. Of course it goes without saying that #1 would have the last word in all things concerning your well being Vidock.Now , pay attention teacher or you will get the boot! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. Yow Vidock Nylablue here!! Mum just peeled me off da ceilin cause when she shreeked "BLEECH" me hit da ceilin frum beein woke up frum me nap!!! Mum got FURRY FURRY angree reedin bout da traineer *stoopid man* she called him..sayin bleech iz not guuud fer horseiez n what da KAT iz wrong wif da Hu'Man?? She waz yakkin away bout diz n she sayz she iz glad #1 stood her ground n deemanded ya haz propurr treetmint n be in a dry stall wif hay n restin. N Mum sayz yer #1 iz da BERY BEST Mum!! Me tried to calm me Mum she got so angree...(she iz upset we nott bin here to bee support to ya too..) Anywa we nooz ya iz on da mend n we purrayin fer ya sweet Boy!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo


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