Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Surprises!

Hello, once again, from #1!It is Sunday and I am heading off to my get-together with....the Mums from Mickie's Musings and Team Tabby!!! It is always such a pleasure to meet other bloggers. More tales from that tomorrow, I hope.

So, yesterday, I set out to visit lots and lots of gorgeous Percherons, and I did! But first, I need to tell you about some other friends I made along the way.

Please take a look at this:

Are they not the most totally awesome kitty toes you have ever seen? They belong to a very handsome boy by the name of Edward (Eddie to his friends), seen below with his young mistress, Ms. C (who, by the way is capable of driving a hitch of six Percherons, if you please!)

I also met these gorgeous little girls:

They are 12-week old Australian Cattle Dog pups and, believe me, had we been on the other side of the Atlantic, I am not at all sure I would have made it home without one...

And staying in the spirit of babies, take a look at these sweeties:


 (with Mama)

This next little one stuck to me like glue the whole time I was in the field with her. Her name is FUSION. Another count of "good job I live an ocean away...


OK.. just a couple more. Here are the two dads to that bunch of foals:

Domino, sire of the top three foals

And Renegade, sire of little Fusion


I did say lots of gorgeous Percherons, didn't I?


  1. Oh they ARE gorgeous and seeing the babies is just the topping on the ice cream; the proverbial cherry on top!

  2. Have fun with your friends! Hope one day you will visit us too over at Cat Chat

  3. Oh how fun! I love seeing your Percheron pictures!


  4. Isn't it nice to meet new furriends, furry or not?
    Have fun!

  5. What a great set of pictures. We don't know which one we like best. They are all so cute.

    Millie & Walter

  6. What lovely pictures - we just loved Eddie's toesies - he looks to be very cuddlesome.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Que de beaux gros bébés ces poulains. Ils sont beaux et craquants à la fois.
    Quant aux pieds du chat ... un peu étranges quand même.
    Je préfère ceux jolis d'une ou d'un Aby....

  8. OMC, those Percherons are amazing! And Eddie's toes!!!! I can't believe Ms. C can drive a hitch of 6 Percherons - she is as slight of a human as I am a kitty!

  9. Edward sure has a fantastic set of toes on him!

  10. WOW!!! #1, you might have to look into airfare for horses and puppies, just sayin'! Eddie and his Mom are incredible--does she have extra digits too to drive that team?

  11. What a wonderful time you are having! Thanks for sharing some of it with us!
    Love Eddie's "feets"!
    Lily, WA, USA

  12. Wow they are all adorable!! Edward is very cute and big and his toes are totally awesome! Fusion is such a gorgeous girl. And sounds very sweet!

  13. I am sure shipping arrangements could be made for the animals!

  14. Glad to meet Eddie with those amazing feet. His mistress looks very proud of him.

    Thos are very cute puppies and baby horses, thanks to #1 for showing us!

  15. Gorgeous photos! They are making me yearn to learn how to ride a horse!

  16. Those tootsies are so adorable. What a cute bunch of furry kids
    Benny & Lily

  17. Lots of lovely furbabies! We love your percheron pics!

  18. That's fun to meet bloggers IRL ! All these furry babies are really cute !

  19. Wowsers! Edward is one pawful, er, armful of kitty love!

    And all those beauties, young and younger alike, were so lovely to see. We think LP would have a difficult time walking away from those pups too...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. What pretty horses! We thought #1 was giving us a look at her legs in the first photo. We're glad that is cleared up!

  21. WOW , Edward sure have BIG paws !
    ALL the little ones is sooo cute <3


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