Monday, 11 March 2013

Manly Monday

Genji: The Shining Prince here. Have you been missing me? I am SO happy that my #1 is back and have been snuggling with her constantly since her return.  It's pouring with rain here and we have thunderstorms and snow in the forecast for the next day or two, but it was nice when #1 returned and we spent some time out in the run.

Bibi-Chan: There is nothing manlier than sharpening your claws on real tree trunks!

And looking fierce as you gaze over your lands:

Tom: You know me. Always ready to play ball!

Vidock: Yup, it's still muddy, and I'm muddier than ever. #1 brought me and Violette some apples and carrots all the way from England!

Definitely worth walking over for!


  1. Wow ! Vidock and Violet, what is the trick to get an international food ??? I guess may be I have to practice to do " eHeeHeee !!! " instead " Meow "..tee..heh

    and I paws crossed for no thunderstorms !!!!
    Purrs for you all

  2. Hi Vidock. Do English carrots taste better than French ones ? We're sorry there was rain but at least the kitties got some Run time. That mist be good!

  3. I am glad #1 has returned. No doubt lots of snuggling ensued prior to your foray into the (brief) sunshine.


  4. Ooh la la! French carrots and apples! And lots of lovely sunshines! Sounds like a lovely, many day!

  5. Oh my, Shining Prince. You are aptly named my small beauty. And the rest of you..rain rain rain. You and I have the same problem. But being out in the run doing some manly (or girly) claw sharpening is a great thing to do whilst waiting for the sun.

  6. What a manly Monday indeed and there's Tom ready to play with #1 and his ball. Genji we are sure #1 couldn't wait for one of your snuggles whilst Bibi sharpened his claws. Oh dear Vidock what a wet place to eat your breakfast - we hope you don't roll in all that mud.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Well we had been missing you, Genji, you glowing prince. And this was indeed a very manly post and we are pleased to observe the claw sharpening!

    And Äiti wanted to ask you if you wanted some links to some photo albums from Kissmollin. We would say no, if we were you!

  8. Zowie - I love your run. Is it enclosed all over so you can't escape? I'd love something like that.

  9. Looks like life is back to normal... at least until the next time #1 takes off!

  10. Gosh, a real tree trunk? We are SO deprived.

  11. Your mum got some great photo's today.. If you are having the same weather as us you all stay snug and warm. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Well, at least you were able to get out into the run before the rain hit! Genji, you are a sweet prince indeed! And Tommy , we know of two doggies who would love to chase that ball with you :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Gengi, we are glad to hear you have #1 back at home! Bet she enjoyed the snuggle time with you too. Bibi-Chan and Tommy you both look very happy as well. We hope the mud clears up in the paddock for Vidock and Violette.


    PS we are very glad to have mom back at home too, she spent way too much time in the Annapolis Valley, and is was too far for a daily commute.

  14. Of khourse I missed woo -

    I ALWAYS miss Les Chats!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - I've got rain arriving during the night - guess Tuesday will be a ROTE day!

  15. We agree, there is nothing better than sharpening your claws on a real tree. We had a day of heavy rain which made the fields muddy again, but the wind has been so strong the last 2 days that they have nearly dried out again.

  16. You are very handsome Genji
    Benny & Lily

  17. It's great seeing all of you outside enjoying yourselves! Thanks for coming to my Gotcha Day party today. And I'm glad you brought Vidock and Violette too! :)


  18. Me readed yesterdays and todays posts. Yous knows what, Yous is a #1 snuggler and Yous knows whovis even better than yous....#1!
    (We knows yous is glad she is home)

  19. I wish I could play ball with you, Tommy!

  20. That run looks great...especially the tree trunks for scratching. Tommy looks very happy and I'm sure V and V enjoyed those treats.

  21. oh we're sooooo glad #1 is home!! And you guys gotted time outside to sharpen claws and stuff!

  22. Good Monday and exotic apples and carrots all the way from England! Woohoo.


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