Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tommy, Teatime and Thunderous Thursday

Tom: #1 is still in Fredericton, with lots of horse photos to share, but we have decided that we will only allocate part of today's post to her as we have some more great photos  of us to show you, courtesy of Ms. A and Mr. D!

Firstly, here I am:

Next up is Genji. Now, I know that there has been some mumbling about him being a blog hog lately, but he did want to tell you today that he has taken up having a cuppa in the afternoons, and Ms. A very kindly serves him up his tea!

"Hey you lot! You should try it! It really is very refreshing!!!"

That boy will never cease to amaze me!
OK, now we will turn over the post to #1 and the Big Horses:

I got to ride on one of the hitches today, The Thunder Hill Percheron Registered Mare 2-horse hitch driven by legendary Ross Honsberger, but I don't have a copy of the photo yet, so here are a few others:

This is the Percheron equivalent of Kitten Class:

Hey Lady! You're facing the wrong way!!!

Shooting the breeze whilst waiting to go on...

I particularly liked this 3-horse "Unicorn" hitch driven by Acadian Ghislain Leblanc!

This elegant red hitch comes from the Miramichi Valley!

Last but not least, this is the hitch I got to ride on!

There will NOT be any photos of my climbing up there...


  1. No photos of you climbing into the hitch?? Why do I have a feeling it was not as graceful as it could be.. MOL, sorry!
    Tea in the afternoon with a kitty, what could be more refined!

  2. Gorgeous! We can almost hear the thunderous roar!

  3. How fun! I'd love to be watching all the excitement.


  4. Tea time outside sounds good!

  5. We bet you had a wonderful time with the horses. Couldn't you spare just one photo for us to see #1?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. What a treat to have tea with Genji! How wonderful would that be? Goodness! ( You aren't a blog hog, Genji, you're just a cooperative kitty.)
    Tommy is such a beautiful boy but it is his sweet face that grabs our hearts.
    Lots of adventure for your #1. Do you think there might be some carriage driving for her in her future?

  7. those are some good lookin' horses and hitches....

  8. Those horses and hitches are amazing! But then, so is Genji - is that catnip tea he is drinking?

  9. Oh the horses are all so SPECIAL. Mom and I never knew what they could and do really look like when they are all dressed up for special times. That is some beautiful sight to see and be there to enjoy. I sincerely wish my mom could see it too. She has developed quite an interest because looking at Genji at tea enchanted her but look what she asked me to say..things about the horsies.

  10. Percherons are such exquisite creatures #1. We can see how you would fall in love with them. It's wonderful to see that they have a strong "fan base" here in Canada too!
    Tommy and Genji look happy despite your absence.That's wonderful to see and no doubt reassuring to you as well :)
    Enjoy your adventures even if they are at times unsteady ;)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. Those pictures are just great. I especially love the ones of the horses - they strike a very handsome pose and look so regal.

  12. Always good to see a fellow handsome mancat, Mister Genji!

  13. Lookin good Tommy and Genji! The horses are just beautiful. But we sorely missed the one pic of #1 havin a little ride!

  14. Bet those horsies are even prettier in person
    Benny & Lily

  15. Haha! I can't believe you were anything other than graceful getting up there! Those horses really are magnificent. Just wonderful.



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