Monday, 20 June 2011

Manly Monday: Meet My Pal Jimmy!

: Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a fun time yesterday because I got to go with #1 to the Percheron races in Mondoubleau! In fact, the whole of last week was lots of fun and, on Friday, I got to make an amazing new friend! His name is Jimmy.

Are you wondering why Jimmy is sitting in a bucket of water? He was cooling off after some very hard work, because Jimmy has a job!

Isn't that amazing? All on his own, Jimmy can move all those sheep! His #1 trains working sheepdogs.

And then today, I got to go to the races and I had a BALL! You see, I met this beautiful little girl and she played and played and played with me!

This morning, #1 and I are off to see Dr. C as my hind left leg is sensitive but we can't figure out why. Could you please cross your paws that it isn't anything serious?

Bibi-Chan: The other day, #1 came in with some rather unusual round things in a bowl so I had to inspect:

She said they are called gooseberries. She found a big wild bush at the far end of Tom's Big Field.

I've been good since my last HouBibi escapade. Here I am, hanging with Tommy:

Vidock: It's been raining quite a bit lately and that means that the grass is sweet again. Yum!

A boy has to keep his strength up, you know!

Wishing you all a good week!


  1. Hi Tommy! Wow your friend Jimmy sure is something! I mean to be looking after and commanding those sheep!! Bravo!
    You sure are a ladies man Tommy! I'll be crossing my paws for your leg to be in good condition again!!


  2. Tommy, yoor noo friend Jimmy is really talented. Mom's step-grandfather was a farmer and many years ago he had a wonderful sheep-herding-dog like Jimmy. Mom said it was amazing the bond between dog and human ~ and how well they understood each other. Sadly the step-grandfather died many years ago now.
    We hope yoor leg is OK and are sending yoo healing purrs.

  3. MOL.. I like JIMMY !!!!
    OMC !!! He is so chill out : )
    I don't have many of doggie friend, I'm cat . I'm general Hiss. You know ? but with Tommy and him, That's special : )

  4. Those Herding types are such sukhk ups!

    Maybe woo khan get Jimmy to khome herd your 'Siberian' broFUR Bibi!

    As fur your leg, maybe woo just overdid it on one of your big adventures - I'll keep my paws khrosed!

    Tell Vidock I was tasting my tender sweet blades on Sunday!


  5. We are sending many purrs for your sore leg Tom - have you sprained a muscle or hurt a tendon? Vidock you are looking fit - we're glad the rain has made your grass sweet
    again. Bibi did you try a gooseberry we wonder if they will be too tart for you?

  6. Hope your leg is okay, Tommy. Your pal Jimmy is very talented.

    You are all very manly today as usual. Have an excellent start to your week!

  7. Wow! How cool is Jimmy! It sounds like you had an amazing day, Tommy :)

  8. Tommy we have our paws crossed that your injury is minor! :)
    Jimmy looks like a cool pal to hang out with :P
    the critters in The Cottage

  9. Wow - you guys have the BEST fun! We are crossing our paws for yoor leg!

  10. Purrs for your leg, Tommy. Bibi, we is glad you have been good. Vidock-happy munching. Happy Monday.

  11. Jimmy looks like a cool dude! I bet it's really hard work herding all those stubborn sheep. I hope there is nothing serious going on with your leg. Perhaps it's just a muscle cramp from all that fun you had with that little girl!

  12. Tommy I am impressed with your friend. Bibi--enjoy your goosberries!

  13. Oh poo on sore leggies! Maybe you played too much? Paws crossed that the doc has some good news and lots of good dog treats!

  14. Tommy, you meet the most wonderful woofies and people! We are purring for your sore leg. Hopefully you just played TOO much!
    Bibi, better luck next week with escaping. The Baby has been out for a couple of minutes but on purpose.
    Vidock, may we come play in your grass? We'll only eat a little bit...

  15. Hello! So many animal friends... so jealous! Have a nice week :)

  16. Hi Tom! Jimmy looks like a FOX when he is in that bucket! How cool is that?
    What a fun adventure you had-- what a lucky guy.
    It is good to see that all of you are enjoying the last day of Spring and everything is green-ish just for Vidock bonkbonk haha

  17. Paws crossed that your leg is okay, Tom! Bibi, I would rather have goose than gooseberries!

  18. Purrs for your leg, Tommy. HouBibi, glad to hear you haf been good! My brofur Kit has not!

  19. Tommy did you put pal Jimmy in the bucket, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  20. hey men, it's good to see all of you! Tommy, you met a nice friend. that's pretty cool that Jimmy has a job. he's a lucky dog.


  21. Jimmy sure knows how to stay cool!
    I hope your leg will be better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Oh sweet Tommy, we've got everything that can possibly be crossed crossed. Do you think that the Labrimenace might have munched on your leg during play. We are praying and purring hard for you dearest one. All of our love to you.

  23. Your new friend sure is cute. :)

    I would love to see my brother Bokeh with all of those sheep. :)

  24. What a fun adventure, with a love interest, too! Teri wondered if gooseberries were like grapes and bad for doggies and kitties to eat? Sniffin's ok though...


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