Monday, 9 May 2011

Manly Monday - The Return of HOUBIBI!

Greetings one and all! So, did you think I had gone dormant? Given up on my wish to explore the whole wide world? Of course not! And last week, I managed to get out of the run (#1 had not secured that little bit quite tightly enough...) and even left my collar behind! It took #1 more than half an hour to catch me!

Ah the joys of a dirt bath in unknown territory!

I felt so refreshed I had to cry out in joy!

My downfall, friends, was a rather large slice of ham....

#1 did find my collar but she decided it was time I had a summer collar, so I am collared again and back to playing with Fernant from inside the run.

Tom: Take a look at this picture...

What can a dog do????? Well, we do manage to sneak out into the big field occasionally without F the Terror...

And of course I get to go places with #1. Here I am having pizza with her and a friend:

#1 always saves the last bite for me!

Vidock: I have been very busy teaching Apollon how to play like a big boy (he is only one and I shall be TWO this week!)

I am hoping for cuddles and carrots on my birthday!


  1. Oh Bibi.. You shouldn't really run away and scare #1.. She would be very unhappy if something bad happened to you. But you're all sharing great pix!


  2. You sure gave your hoomie a hard time catching you, huh? BOL

  3. Beebs, you are a terror. Do you swagger just a bit when you break the rules? Lishy does that, and we think you might be a bit cheeky like him! :)

  4. Bibi, is there a super secret stashing place that you mancats hide your collars? Figaro is losing his collars and won't tell us where he's hiding them.

    Vidock, you can count on us to send you purrs and virtual cuddles on your birthday. Jonesie said it will be late summer or fall before she can provide a purrsonally grown carrot.

  5. Houbibi we know how much you must have enjoyed your dirt bath - they are so liberating aren't they if you don't mind a good brushing afterwards!! Perhaps Fernant thinks you get lonely without him keeping you company Tommy. We hope you get lots of carrots on your 2nd birthday Vidock and hope you get a lovely day for your party
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Bibi! You are a cheeky so and so!

  7. Bibi! You are really a little daredevil aren't you?

    Have a manly day, fellas!

  8. Love the pics! Dirt bath....I'll have to try that one!

  9. I love the smell of dirt. Dad was planting some apple seeds. (He doesn't like me to help him, I found out!)

  10. We have never had the joy of rolling in the dirt... Styg came from the SPCA clawless so Mum would never let her outside. Do you think Ms. C should bring some inside for us??

  11. Once again woo enjoy channeling your inner Siberian BUT that is soooooo skhary fur #1 -

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! All this manliness in ONE post - *SIGH!*

  12. Bibi you are very naughty...but so beautiful you are forgiven :-)

  13. Bibi, you are very good at escaping. I think you should take that show on the road!

  14. Houbibi, you are a handful!! Now you see Bibi, now you don't!!Argh. We're glad you are not above a nice slice of ham :), otherwise, how would one capture such an elusive magician?
    Fernant and Tommy you are becoming "fast, attached friends." Heehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  15. Bibi, I think you must be my Secret Son...Good for you on your escape! Foreign dirt baths are SO satifying. xx The Baby

    And the rest of us add we like pizza too! Vidock, we don't care for carrots so you can have our share...we leave the carrot bits in our food at the bottom of our plates.

  16. Houbibi! hee hee You had a fabulous adventure! I think I would like to roll around in some dirt, too. That looks heavenly!


  17. How cool that you got to have a dirt bath! I bet all the freedom felt awesome! (And I bet the ham was even tastier!)

  18. Bibi, yoo gots out?? How pawsome, we is bettin it felt gud to stretch in da sun and dirt.

    Tommy, the pizza crust is Jakes favorite too, cept he tries to bury it in the sofa sumtimes.

    Vidock, yoo is doin a pawsome job teachin dat young one - wud yoo share a carrot wif him on yer birthday?

  19. You gave your mum a real fright you little tinker. You must stay safe and not frighten her, but that dirt bath looked lovely. Hugs GJ xx

  20. Vidock - that last pic of you is great - such a strong guy you are!!! We bet Apollon is thrilled to have you for his mentor.

    Tommy - Thunder feels your pain - sometimes those younger ones are really hard to shake. TD wishes he could get out for lunch and a taste of pizza too.

    Bibi - naughty boy, do you want to get lost or hurt? No more mischief.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciaraq

  21. Great weather and great pictures. Everybody got out for a play!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  22. It looks like one playful day for every buddys
    Benny & Lily


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