Monday, 2 May 2011

Manly Monday - The Carp are Flying!

: Firs thing this morning, when we went for our walk, #1 and I finally put up our KOI-NOBORI:

The cloth carps go up every year in early May for Boys' Day in Japan. Our carp-shaped streamers celebrate us boys of The Poupounette, and wish for us to be healthy and strong.

So, #1 has been snapping photos of me again and is particularly taken with this one:

On the subject of manly activities, I met a new girl last week! Look at how pretty she is!

Doesn't she have a lovely smile? She is a cousin of Fernant's. Her name is Cannelle (cinnamon) and she loves playing with the ball even more than I do!

Sadly, she lives hundred of miles away so I only will get to see her occasionally.

And, by the way, #1 thought it was hugely manly of me to curl up in Bibi's bed whilst she and her friend watched the Royal Wedding...

Bibi-Chan: I am a very generous boy and I was happy for Tommy to get to sleep in my bed for once! Of course, I have the big bed to sleep in!

And I decided to "borrow" some of his balls in return!

Plus I have been very busy discovering our new run space:

Vidock: We have a new little pipsqueak in our field! His name is Apollon, he is a pony, and he is one year old. Despite his youth and the fact that he is half our size, he is up for all sorts of games:

And I have started to give him lessons in how to look manly for the ladies...

Wishing everyone a good week!


  1. Bibi-Chan, beautiful smile! We would like to hear more about horse games. We only know cat games. Are there any we could adopt for ourselves?


  2. You guys are so lucky to get to meet all these wonderful friends! Apollon is very handsome, and we love the dainty way Miss. Cannelle sits with her ball. Your carp look wonderful, too :)

  3. Oh my my my!!!

    I must go rest from all this manliness!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! What a great pikh of handsome handsome woo! I'm sure Cannelle will be telling all her pals about woo!

  4. We love your cloth carp they are very colourful. We are taken back by all the manliness on the blog today - except for Tommy's new friend Cannelle who we have to say is very pretty for a woofie!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I LOVE those cloth carps! I have never seen anything like that. And all of you are shining and gleaming like satin and looking so healthy and happy. Kisses to all of you..horsie Vidok included of course!

  6. Very manly photos today. Tommy, you are particularly handsome in that photo!

  7. VERY cool pics! I don't think I have ever seen carp like that....

  8. Tom yoo lookin handsome in da piccy, we agree wif #1 gud piccy of yoo!!

    Bibi, yer furs match the rug yer next to wif Tommy's balls, how wonderful! (Cept yoo is much more shiney)

    Vidock yoo will definately train Apollon well. Is yoo whisperin to him in da first piccy?

  9. Whoo..Tommy, score!!! She's really cute!

    That's a snazzy koinobori cloth! Mom's trying to find where she placed ours...:(

    Have a great week ahead!!


  10. We asked san if we could have carps too since we are boys. our carps are beautiful and so colourful. san said she doesn't have any carps that could fly and tomorrow is 3rd of May already. This san is full of excuses.

  11. san means "your carps' Bibs. Her typo errors embarrass us so.


  12. The news from Poupounette Central is always so interesting. We especially like the carps and their symbolism.

  13. Bibi yopu look so cozy under the covers!!!

  14. Bibi-Chan you are a cutie under all those covers just peeking out a little! Happy May Day--I like the koi!

  15. Bibi-chan, you look so cosy under the covers!

    We were hoping they'd be real carp -maybe next year ?

  16. Cannelle is beautiful! Tommy, it's a shame she lives so far away. Bibi, your Brother looks so funny in your bed, and you are adorable peeking out from under the covers.
    Vidock, Mommy would love to stroke your nose, you are so handsome. #1 is so blessed to have all of you!

  17. Your new girl is quite purrty Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  18. There is lots of pawsome manliness today!

  19. We love the pics of Bibi under the bed covers and Tommy in the cat bed! Vidock you look as lovely as ever and will no doubt make a good friend to the new pony:)
    Have a good Monday.
    the critters in The Cottage

  20. Oh Tommy, that Cannelle is a beauty for sure - love her coloring and markings.

    Bibi - do you know how lucky you are to sleep in a bed - that never happens here.

    Vidock - we are sure you are a great teacher for Apollon in the art of wooing the ladies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. MOL..Bibi, that's best nap spot. You look comfy and funny. Sweet dream my friend

  22. We like your new friends! Tommy, we hope you had lots of fun with Cannelle!

  23. MOL, that picture of Bibi-Chan hiding under the covers is so cute!! I hope you all have a great week too! :)

  24. Tommy what a lovely photo of you. Your new girlfriend really is gorgeous!

    Catchin up on all your news.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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