Friday, 6 May 2011

Fun and Friends on Friday!

One of our regular commentators, Ms. Kari (who s blogless) said the other day how nice it would be to have some fallen tree limbs to adorn our newly extended run. Well, that had been our wish too, from the very start, and #1 had been saving up some good limbs for us!

We started with the "limb to the hammock" arrangement!

And yesterday, this was further enhanced by a cross limb!

As you can see, the extended run has become quite the place to gather! As Mama Tama was climbing, I was exchanging the latest news with Fernant! He and Tommy like to play where we can see them!

And Mama Tama is very pleased with the new arrangement!

Remember our friend Diego, who lives over at Vidock's? We got a new collar for him from a great Etsy store called Fairy Tail Collars. It reflects what he does in life!

In case you can't see it, it has horses on it! #1 got collars for me and Fernant too but we don't have decent photos yet.

As for Vidock, he's been hanging out with his brother Viking, as usual:

By the way, the Big V has a birthday coming up next week! He is going to be TWO on May 12th!

And last for today, #1 went yesterday to visit a mare she really likes, called Marquise, because she has a new foal! The baby's name is Baronne de Vanoise and she is cute as a button!

And this is daddy, Rivulus de la Vande, who had come to say hello!


  1. Yippee for all cats in your house ! That's fabulous patio and it's so great you watch Tom and his friend : )
    I like the bed up top of the patio, That's superb spot !

  2. I loved Fernant's WAGGY tail in the pikh looking at the khat khontainer!

    Thanks fur sharing all the great photos!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  3. Wow - so much action. We really really like your branches - they look fantastic (much better than our silly skyway). And so much better for the claws....

  4. Oh to have an opportunity to climb and walk along those branches and enjoy the out of doors..all the smells and grand sights. Everyone looks so happy.

    Vidock will be 2? I must be sure to be here to wish him a happy birthday. xoxox

  5. That sure looks like a great extension to your outside pen. What fun to have a branch in there too.
    Mom is having such fun seeing the horse pictures. Those are gorgeous horses. That baby is really something. Is it coming to live with you?? Take care and have a great week end.

  6. The foal looks like Rivulis colourwise - will he stay that colour or can it change as she gets older? We love your extended run and with the high hammock and the branches it is looking very interesting. We hope we get an invite to Vidock's party next week.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Ah, to have a playhouse like that one, and all those friends and kinfolk to romp and play with. Well, we have our Beans, and they feed us really, really well, so we just climb the cat tree, utilize all the chairs in the house, romp down the hall up the wall and back again to the tree, then turn around and do it all over again.

    Life is good for everyone everywhere we hope.

    Love the pictures, and the variety.

    Mouskateers said: "Y'all come see us more often. We'll be posting more often (we hope). Large One gave the blog to us kitties, so we gonna take turns doin da poskin. We gone!"

  8. holy cannoli, that is a B-I-G horsie.

  9. Your new run is like a full on playground! So cool! Your horses are beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  10. Wow! I am so in love with that cat run you all have! Cool!

  11. Beautiful pix! Mom is promising us a cat run, too. Eventually. And yes, sounds like you have missed something - We're going to pick up my new little brudder on May 15!

    Bajas, Virus and Hyssy

  12. We are jealous of your REAL TREE branches! What fun they must be to dig your claws into. Tommy, you are once again a star to play by the Cat run so the feline Chans can watch you frolic.

    And HORSIES! We love Vidock. From a distance, that is!

  13. Wow! That run is getting more pawsome by the day!

  14. We all think it is just wonderful that the kitties can be outside and still safe - the run is looking so wonderful and natural too. Vidock and Viking are so handsome and gorgeous there in that photo - looks like they were disagreeing about which way to head:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. The expanded run looks like so much fun for the kitties! I love that Tommy and Fernant like to play by them as well, what a happy little family.

    The foal is soooooo adorable! She needs kisses on the white patch on her forehead for sure!

  16. Your cat run looks fantastic, especially with the cat perch/hammock and real tree branches!!! The foal is beautiful :-)

  17. I loved all the photo's and the patio is looking so good.. Hugs GJ xx

  18. The tree limbs look beautiful! They are just the perfect shape for some serious kitty climbing! The whole enclosure has turned out just beautifully! We wish you many happy carefree days enjoying the lovely weather in the safety of your new enclosure.
    New collars for Fernant and Diego too! Your #1 is very kind and thoughtful when it comes to her animal family and friends. Very handsome you are, Diego dear.
    ! Baby horse! And she is so lovely! And why not! Her mum and dad are gorgeous!
    Thank you #1 for the happy post. It is a joy filled way to start our weekend.

  19. Your run is so awesome and I wish I had one just like it!

  20. Your catio is amazing. And again the horses are so beautiful and love the baby horsie.

  21. The new collar with horses on it is really cute.

    You going to have a big party for him turning 2?

    The enclosure is looking really nice.


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