Thursday, 12 May 2011

Birthday Boy VIDOCK is 2 Today!

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeigh everyone! It's my birthday today and I am TWO! #1 came to visit me and actually sang Happy Birthday to me! Isn't that the coolest?!

So, let's go down memory lane all the way back to May 2009. A very small 5-day old colt was discovering the world next to his mother...

--- and looking for the milk bar!

In the two years since those photos, I have grown and grown, and now, I look like this:

Did you notice that I was jet black when I was born and am now dark grey? All Percheron foals are born black and some of us gradually turn a dappled grey and eventually go white. Just look at my Papa Orgueil:

As she had promised, #1 arrived with my gift!

Organic carrots, no less!

As soon as I saw her, I went over to her...

I just knew she had my carrots!

Don't worry. I shared them with Viking and Apollon, and even Papa Orgueil got some! Then I gave #1 a big kiss!

And I horsed around (HaHA!) a bit with Viking.

I am a real lucky boy because I found a great Forever Family with The Poupounette Gang but I can also continue to enjoy my birth family, including my breeders Ms. S and Mr. E, my Papa Orgueil, my Mama Jessy, my two sisters, Telly and Altesse, my half-brother Viking and all the other wonderful horses of the Elevage du Grand Prainville.

Wishing as much happiness to all my friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Vidock and what a wonderful carrot gift from #1 - we are glad they organic cos they'll make you get bigger and stonger than ever. We loved the picture of you and your mother.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. You are very impressive, Vidock! Happy Birthday to you -- #1 knows how to celebrate!

  3. Happy birthday Vidock! You are the biggest two year old that we know. We have a question: Did #1 sing Happy Birthday in French or in English?

    Enjoy your day!

  4. The Four Abyssinians12 May 2011 at 16:35

    Happy Birthday Vidock Love from The Housekeeper and Crystal, Amber, Jasper and Dino

  5. Cooll post! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fun filled day! Enjoy!

  6. You have grown into a very impressive and beautiful hose Vidock. Happy Birthday from us.

    the amigos and san

  7. A very happy birthday to you Vidock, and here's to many many more. The foal pictures are incredible. And you have grown into a wonderful, noble manhorse :)

  8. Hap-Pei Birthday Vidock!


  9. Happy Birthday, Vidock! You were handsome even as a young one. We are fascinated that one day you could turn all white. Very interesting.

    Those carrots look wonderful, we all like to crunch carrots here too.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Happy, happy birthday, Vidock!!!

  11. Vidock you were a lovely lad and you've grown to be a handsome young man. The fact that you are surrounded by so much love no doubt helped you grow so big and strong:)Bonne fete!!
    the critters in The Cottage

  12. Happy Birthday to a very handsome horsee.. I love all the photo's and especially the one giving #1 a kiss.. Hugs GJ x

  13. Happy Birthday Vidock you darling. Many many mre happy ones to come. I am so glad to see how happy and healthy you are. I loved the pictures too. How you have changed.


  14. Hi Vidock! We came by yesterday but of course blogger was being dumb - we are sorry it was so mean to not work on your birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day - we bet those carrots were tasty! We are going to sing you our favorite birthday song - it is a bit late but we wanted to since we couldn't yesterday!

    What day was yesterday?
    It was Vidock's Birthday!!
    What a day for a Birthday!!
    Let's all have some (carrot)cake!

    We hope you had a wonderful day!!

  15. Hurrah!!! Blogger is back! Happy Belated Birthday Vidock...tell #1 you desrve some more carrots, they're from us!

  16. Happy Birthday Vidock! How dare blogger have trouble when it's your birthday?!

  17. I guess this just gives me the chance to wish you happy birthday once again, Vidock!

  18. Happy birthday Vidock! I bet you and my old horse Whiskey River would be great friends! You sure have grown up to be quite handsome!

    Purrs, woofs, and neighs,

    The rose juggler crew

  19. Belated Happy Purrthday Vidock. Mum thinks you looked quite the handsome young colt. She wishes Grampie was around to see your pictures. He would really appreciate them.

  20. Happy happy birthday, Vidock!!! We came to visit yesterday morning our time, but Blogger wouldn't let us leave a comment! You were such a cute little 5 day old bubba, and you have grown into such a handsome big boy! We hope you enjoyed your carrots, it was super sweet of you to share :)

  21. Happy Birthday lovely boy! Many happy returns of the day! You are the sweetest boy ever! Your baby picture is breathtaking. Mum was squeeing over how tiny and darling you were. How interesting that you are all born black. Your coloration now is very beautiful and most elegant. What we love most is that, in all of your photos, you look like you are dancing. Very light on your feeties and so graceful.
    You are luck to have two such wonderful families to love you. And you are really lucky to have #1 as your mum. No one will love you more or try harder to make you happy.

  22. Happy Birthday, Vidock! You are a year younger than our Baron - I wish you two could get together to play!


  23. Vidock, you sweet horsie furriend...Blogger was sick and it made it hard to visit. We are just now catching up and we wanted to make sure that we wished you a VERY Happy Birthday! You are so nice to share your birthday carrots with your family and furriends. You sure were a cutie pie when you were a baby!

  24. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day and enjoy your carrots. :)


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