Monday, 24 November 2014

Marking Time on Monday

We're waiting, waiting, waiting... WAITING for #1 to get home this afternoon!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Snuggle Archive Sunday

Tama-Chan: Since #1 is away, we thought we would look through the archives to find some snuggle pics of us Chans and Tommy when we were young, and this is what we came up with:

Little me (Tama)

Little Sei

Da Little Beebs with Tommy

Little Genji

Was that fun?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Serious and Sad SEIturday - Goodbye Sweet Nylablue

Sei-Chan: We try to keep this blog as upbeat as possible, but sometimes circumstances simply overtake us. We heard a few days ago that our dear sweet friend, Nylablue, would be going to he Bridge today. Now Nyablue has had serious health problems for quite some time, including diabetes, and her amazing vet , Dr. Dave, and her Mom, Sherri-Ellen, have managed to keep her going and comfortable. But she has now come to the end of her journey, and we want her to leave with lots and lots of good thoughts from all of us at Poupounette Central.

Nylablue, you have always been the sweetest of friends to us here and you always leave such lovely comments. We are glad for each extra day we shared with you. We know how very much your adoring Mom will be missing you, and so shall we. Au Revoir, sweet friend.

Goodbyes are always so hard and somehow, this November is turning out to be a particularly sad month in term of goodbyes. So, remember everyone to love your family with all your heart each and every day. Each moment we share is precious.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fun Friday

Da Beebs: Why fun you may ask? Well.... we have found out that #1 is coming back a whole day sooner than originally planned! Isn't that the funnest thing? She got an unexpected interpreting job for Tuesday and Wednesday, so she will be back home with us on Monday evening! Of course she will be out all day those next two days, but at least, I can sleep with her!

In other news, you know how they say that it is not possible to train cats? It would appear that #1 has been quite successful at this, at least in the evenings when it is treat time. We all gallop into her bedroom and each of us takes up his or her assigned slot as we wait for the treats to be dished!

Waiting for Sei-Chan to arrive...

Everyone's here, #1!

Less amusing is that we heard from #1 that it's not going to be possible for her to get the car repairs done. The garage needs to get parts which would take several days, and she needs to get back here by Monday evening. So, the really not amusing news is that she will have to go back again, probably sometime in January. Boo Hoo...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tommy on Thursday

Tom: I agree that we have not had much sun the last few days, but it has been warm, and just look at this pic #1 took of me a few days ago in the fields:

We have been reading about quite a few of our friends across the Atlantic who are already getting snow, so I guess we shouldn't complain…

Today is the least fun day of #1's trip to England as she is taking the car in to get a couple of issues fixed whilst it is still under warranty. The garage is in the middle of nowhere, so she will probably be sitting there all day. She has loaded up her Kindle with good stuff, so she should be OK, though. It would have been so much for her if she had taken me along, don't you think?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Whiskers on Wednesday

Genji: #1 left early this morning and we are bereft…

So, until she returns with the car loaded with goodies for us, we will somehow strive to survive. I shall start by entertaining you with a close-up of my stunning whiskers:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tama-Chan's Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We are not pleased, Dear Friends. First of all, they keep promising us that the sun is coming back and then they change their minds at the last minute.. Give us back our sunpuddles!!! And then there is the fact that #1 is packing her bags as she leaves tomorrow. We don't want her to go!!!

Here I am last week, napping comfortably in the radiator hammock in the study:

And here is a good view of my jade green eyes:

I don't have anything else exciting and new for you, but I thought I would look back through my photo album and see what I was up to at this time fours years ago, and here is what I found:

Time flies, doesn't it?