Friday, 12 February 2016

Frightening Friday

#1 here. After the cuteness of yesterday's post, we have a very serious one for today, and unexpectedly so. Over the last week or two, there had been a couple of episodes of Genji not showing his usual robust appetite, and even throwing up occasionally, with loose stools to boot.  Other than that, he was his usual active self and each time it happened, he would bounce back the next day, so I didn't worry too much.

Yesterday morning, he wasn't in or on my bed when I woke up and not around when I dished out morning snacks. He was curled up in a ball on the sofa and even though he purred as usual as soon as I approached him, he had no interest in eating. That was one time too many for me and I immediately called the vet and was given an 11am appointment.

When we got there, he was weighed and he was 400 grammes lighter than last July (3.45kg as opposed to 3.85kg). She examined him thoroughly and decided to do a full blood panel, as well as the standard battery of FIV/FeLV/FeCV tests. The results of the latter were back in 15 minutes and, to our horror, he showed positive for FeCV, Feline Coronavirus, which is what causes FIP. As I am sure most of you know, FIP is a death sentence. It is however usually seen in younger cats under the age of two or much older cats. Genji will be six next month and has always been exceptionally healthy. She decided to keep him until after getting the blood test results back (a couple of hours as she has the equipment on-site. I had a business appointment but was back there by 4:15pm.

The blood test results were textbook perfect except for amylase levels that were quite elevated, indicating pancreatitis. All of his symptoms are clear indications of an attack. What we are hoping at this stage, is that this is unrelated to the fact that he is FeCV positive and can be dealt with successfully as such. Dr. C has put Genji on a 48-hour drip to bring his amylase levels back down and hopefully restore his appetite. She will start to feed him tomorrow and see how he does. If all goes well, he should be able to come home on Saturday. There is still the possibility that the FeCV will flare up at some stage, but we can now hope for something better, for now anyway.

The poor mite is in a cage at Dr.C's. I took him his favourite beddie, but he is not used to being alone. I spent almost an hour cuddling with him this afternoon, but Dr. C advised me no to go tomorrow as every time I go, he will expect to be coming home with me. So please ramp up the purrs and the crossed paws for the little blue boy.

Here is a pic of the jailbird:

Holding paws always helps!

 Thank you so much to everyone who was so supportive on Facebook when I first posted the story yesterday.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Throwback Thursday With Da Beebs

Da Beebs: Mee-YOW, Everyone! #1 and were having a think about what to do with today's post as we looked trough some photos albums, in particular MY baby album, and the answer really seemed VERY obvious to me.

That's a picture of me taken exactly six years ago! 

And here are a few of me and my siblings:

I'm the one in the orange collar, in case you're wondering.

Mama Tama really as an amazing Mama!

In this one, I am on the far left, in the red and green collar.

 Here I am with my bro, Fuku-Chan:

I was already a heart-throb back then...

Kitten Pile!


With my much-missed big brother, Yuu-Chan:

My siblings went back to Mama Tama's breeder after they were weaned, and we lost touch with them when we broke off with him after Yuu-Chan died of FeLV. I have no idea where they are but I think of them often. Fuku-Chan, Hime-Chan and GoGo-Chan, we miss you!

I hope you enjoyed this kitten fix. Of course, I am just as cute now!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: #1 managed to get out and see us, despite high winds and rain. Actually, it wasn't raining when she came! With the wind, it changes minute by minute. Anyway, I am always on the lookout for her and as soon as she arrives, I stroll over to say hello, and of course get my treats!

You know something? #1 tells the best jokes!

Vidock: I am often in my shelter (the one I have half demolished...) munching on my hay bale when #1 arrives, but she only has to call my name and I go to her. Last time, though, I was actually waiting for her by the barrier:

As you can see, it's a tad muddy from all the rain we've been having. Because #1 has had unexpected work and the weather has been so awful, my return to work has been postponed until Friday, weather permitting.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Wow, has it been stormy around here the past couple of days! And we didn't get the worst of it. We heard from Tommy's birth family near the Normandy coast that an oak tree had been uprooted in their garden! Can you imagine that? We are very glad that we are indoor kitties and that Trav has a safe and dry place to be when it's like this.

Believe me, the hammock on the radiator in the study is one of the best places to be!

From here, I can properly supervise #1 at her desk:

Yep. Those are my razorshell clam supervisory ears!

I can see you, Tufty Rusty!

I guess it's OK for you to be there. It's miserable out there and you need to eat to keep your strength up and entertain us. I told #1 to put out extra walnuts for you.
 Occasionally, I will come and sit on the old kitty condo next to #1's desk. It used to be covered with stuff but now she's cleared it:

Can you believe that this condo is more than 20 years old? #1 bought in when she still lived in Japan for TOWCB, Ikkyu. As you can see, it's still going strong! 

Lastly for today, I thought you would enjoy this photo of me and my Beebs bird and squirrel-watching together. We're in February and that truce still seems to be holding (more or less...).

Monday, 8 February 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: I get to go first this week! I have had a busy few days. #1 and I went to friends for dinner and I was of course invited. Once there, I got lots of compliments and cuddles from everyone!

I also had a great walk in the woods on Saturday. So many great sticks there!

Da Trav: The #1 lady said I could go second this week!  I wanted to show you city kitties  the comfort of a good straw bed:

And here I am at my buffet:

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend. I don't have a lot to report as I have continued to enjoy my holiday. #1 has been visiting me regularly and bringing treats. Life is good!

I am supposed to start work again this week.

Da Beebs: #1 calls this my lazy dangle...

By the way, this is not the tip of my tongue you are seeing. It's part of my lip!

Da Genj: I have been very cute for #1 recently. Just look!

Tufty Rusty: Hey Guys? Can I have a pic too?

Wishing everyone a great week!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Smuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: How are you all, Dear Friends? I hope you are safe, warm and snuggling with your favourite buddies this Sunday.

I got snugglenapped by #1 yesterday!

Sei-Chan has of course been snuggling with Tommy:

My Beebs has has an extremely snuggly week. Here he is with Tommy:

And this shot of him snuggling with #1 has been a huge hit on Facebook!

He really is such a soppy boy! He was getting his ear massaged at the time.

Of course, Da Genj spends half his life like this...

 OK, this is not a snuggle pic but I thought you might want to see this one of me and My Beebs kinda napping together:

 And here, last but not least, is Miss Violette getting a treat and a snuggle from #1!

Have a very snuggly Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Sei-Chan: It's a slow news SEIturday here at Poupounette Central. Of course, this week's trauma was being caught and taken to Dr. C's, much against my will. On the other paw, I was rather chuffed at all the compliments about my new svelte figure, so I can't really complain too much...

We have been promised plentiful sunpuddles this afternoon and I am on the lookout for them!

Have a lovely SEIturday, Dear Friends!