Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Woofie Wednesday

Tom: I am happy to report that #1 is slowly returning to normal. She took it easy yesterday as we were hit by the remnants of "Gonzalo" for a good part of the day and it was windy and rainy. But the weather cleared up late afternoon, and we got to go out for a real romp in the fields!

Come on, #1!





Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Together on Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: Yes, I know that today is supposed to be my day, but #1 is still pretty much catatonic, so we're running with whatever she is managing to achieve.

In getting over jet lag, it is very important to resume a normal routine so that the body returns to its usual settings as quickly as possible. We of course play a vital role in seeing that this happens. Take yesterday evening, for example. We gathered around #1 in our usual fashion as she had her evening meal, so that she was bathed in that "never alone" feeling:

Tommy was there to:

And Da Genj came to lend a paw in helping me help #1 with her meal:

Isn't togetherness simply wonderful?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mummy Monday!

Tom: SHE'S BACK! #1 returned absolutely on schedule yesterday and we have not stopped celebrating since. She is of course totally exhausted, having had way too much fun during her two weeks away. And today she had to get up early and go over to the Vs as the farrier was scheduled for 9am. I of  course went along.

She hasn't yet had time to get back into proper photo-taking, so here is just one of me she took during our evening walk yesterday:

You have already seen a pic of the enormous stash of toys and treats she bought us, and she added some more stuff too. In particular, she got me a huge hamburger stuffie that I am really going to enjoy sinking my teeth into!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Some Other Snuggles on Sunday...

#1 here. As Sunday dawns, I should be still in transit, on my way home. The last couple of weeks have definitely been short on the pussycat front, although horses have been a plenty and I stayed in a house with an elderly pug the last few days. Of course, I did meet the world-famous Khyra and her cousin Harley, as well as Khyra's Mom, Phyll, and I got an excellent snuggle shot there!

Heres is Elvis, the Pug, enjoying a tender moment with his #1, Mr. G:

And a snuggle with me!

One little tidbit which is interesting even though it's not really a snuggle. How many of you watch this gentleman's TV show? Yes, I got to meet and even have lunch with Dr. Pol and his wife!

Needless to say, I can't wait to be back home and snuggling with my Gang!

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Sei-Chan: Two weeks ago today, #1 left us on a long journey across the Atlantic. She has had many wonderful adventures since that day, but today, this SEIturday, is the day she starts her journey back towards us! With all going according to plan, she should be arriving home around lunchtime on Sunday!

Could you please wake me up when gets here?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Flashback Friday

Da Beebs: We thought that, today, we would share some photos that were taken exactly four years ago, which was just before #1 left for the last World Percheron Congress that was held in late October in Des Moines, Iowa.

Let's start with My Beebsdom, shall we? Here I am in a lovely sunpuddle:

 And my Mama Tama, also in a sunpudle:

And Sei-Chan in a sunpuddle:

And here is Tommy enjoying a cuddle with #1:

Da Genj and Violette  had not yet joined us but The Big V had just become a member of the Poupounette Gang! See how little he was!

Now, some of you may remember that, at the last world congress, #1 got to visit a farm where she met someone she referred to as "The Big Horse Pussycat Guy" because he clearly loved pussycats as much as his Percherons. Well, she spent a lot of time with him at this world congress too, and he currently has a lovely little calico kitty whom he simply adores. We were glad to hear tat he remains faithful to us kitties! Kudos to you, Mr. Robert Detweiler! Here he is with Anderson Farms' Clarity who won Junior Champion Filly at the congress, and whom #1 totally fell in love with!

Only two more days until #1 comes back!!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thankful Thursday

Da Boys: We are sorry to be a little late in posting today. There was a connectivity issue late last night which prevented us from getting our post ready. We have heard from #1. She is not only having a great time with her friends in Tennessee, but has been hard at work on our behalf, something for which we are very thankful! This was her haul from yesterday's shopping!

We don't have any new photos of us to share but here are some baby pics of the two of us. #1 always says she is thankful to have them, and to have us!

Baby Beebs playing with one of his littermates:

Baby Genji hanging with #1

Oh, and she says she will be coming home soon!