Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: First things first! I am today's Calendar Girl on the CB calendar!

#1 is rather pleased that I am featured today as it was also the birthday of TOWCB, Ikkyu, who went to the Bridge in 2007. Here is a photo of him:

IKKYU (1992-2007)

Ikkyu was definitely a one-person kilty, and very happily shared #1's life with her, and travelled the world with her, for 15 happy years.

Now, back to me! I have been relaxing on my cat tree in the kitchen:

And doing some tail dangles:

…As well as some more traditional dangles in a sunpuddle on one of the kitchen chairs:

Now, I did mention, did I not, that there was abandonment afoot? Tomorrow, both #1 AND Tommy leave us for almost six days. They say they are going on holiday, and Tommy has received a special invitation. There is a get-together of #1's cousins who are coming from here in France, but also from England, Germany and Canada. Tommy will be the only woofie and is feeling quite honoured. He is also really looking forward to the beach as it seems this place (Ile de Ré) has amazing beaches. In the meantime, we will have Fernant's Mom coming in in the mornings, and Ms. S will come midday and in the evenings for food, treats, playtime and cuddles. We will clear be totally miserable…

The aim is to continue blogging throughout this "holiday." Let's se how we do.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: Despite what you may think, I was actually supervising #1 in this photo, from the shelf above her desk:

And here I am supervising her from a different angle, the cat tree that is behind her desk!

And as I am feeling generous, I thought I would throw in a baby picture too!

Da Genj: Here I am in the middle of a lovely sunpuddle!

And with my bro, Da Beebs, on #1's bed:

We were having a meaningful conversation…

And enjoying a little rest and relaxation:

Tomaso: She's still not throwing me any balls, but I am getting to do a little running the fields:

And looking generally handsome!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! A friend of #1's gave her some pretty nice pics of me!

here I am, taking Uncle E for a run!!!!

Munch, munch…

#1 says she would also like to share with you a photo of the amazing dancing horse who won the freestyle dressage GOLD at the World Equestrian Games for Charlotte Dujardin. Meet VALEGRO (aka Blueberry!):

One final guest appearance on today's MM comes from a kitty that #1 met a couple of days ago. He showed up as a kitten at the home of some friends and stayed forever! His name is Simba and it would seem he is a Meezer/Tabby mix. Isn't he handsome?

PS: We were very saddened to learn this morning that our friend Ms P, who was here recently, had to help her beloved kitty, Ted, to the Bridge. Run Free, Ted, and lots of soft purrs, gentle woofs and neighs and hugs to Ms. P

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: The sun is shining again and all is well with our little world. Since there will be no SoS post next Sunday (Yes, we are being abandoned again, or rather us kitties are being abandoned. I shall tell you more about this on Tuesday), we might as well take full advantage of this one.

I shall kick off, as usual, with a pic of me snuggling with Tommy. What could be better?

Not to be outdone by Sei-Chan, of course. Just look at that Tommy paw!

My Beebs, tucked into #1:

And having a big snuggle with Tommy:

An unusual Genji snuggle for #1!

And here he is, coming in for a snuggle in bed!

Tommy and our neighbour, Basha, had a nice chat the other day:

And then, Basha asked #1 for a tummy rub!

#1 has no new snuggle pics with the Vs, but a young friend just gave her a bunch of pics he has taken recently of her with them, so we thought we would share a couple. First with Violette:

And then the Big V, Vidock:

Wishing you all a super Snuggly Sunday! And if you haven't yet left a comment on Sparkle's Memorial Service post and commenthaton, please remember to go over. They are getting close to 400 comments, and that means $400 for Tabby's Place!!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunny SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Dear Friends, thank you so much for your concern about us being abandoned yesterday. #1 returned more or less at the prescribed time. She had a fabulous day but was utterly exhausted. Still, she was also utterly delighted because her very favourite dressage rider, Charltte Dujardin, once again won Gold!

And now, on this SEIturday morning, the sun is shining and looks to be sticking around for the next week! I have had a busy time recently. The other day, #1 was doing some mending (hems and such) and I decided to provide moral support:

She was very grateful because sewing isn't really her thing and any encouragement is welcome!

She also managed to get some nice sunpuddle shots of me:

Can you believe that the sun was so strong it made me scrunch up my eyes?!

And I spent some time hanging out with my little Genji bro. #1 says she loves the light through our ears!

It's shaping up to be a good weekend here at Poupounette Central. We hope yours will also be full of sunshine!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Flitting Off Friday

Genji: Can you believe that we have been abandoned for the day? #1 left early this morning to pick up a friend and drive to Caen in Normandy (about 2 hours away), to the World Equestrian Games! She is going to watch the dressage freestyle, aka "The Dancing Horses". Fifteen horse and rider pairs will be competing, including three from Team GB. #1 will be rooting for Charlotte Dujardin who already won Gold in the Grand Prix Special on Wednesday, and whom she considers phenomenal. I am helping by crossing my paws:

Da Beebs has really gotten into the spirit of the event and has been helping #1 watch…

Tommy is spending the day with his friend Damia next door. She's not as rough as Mad Fernant, so that's a better option whilst we're still trying to rest his leg.

Please don't forget to stop by Sparkle's blog today for her Memorial Service. And remember that Tabby's Place is a hugely worthwhile cause for any additional donations you might wish to make. We dropped by their donate site a couple of days ago.

Last but not least, our Tommy is very excited because #1 received the sticker she had ordered for him, and has now put it on the new car!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Tama-Chan: As many of you already know, tomorrow is our dear friend SPARKLE's memorial service. There will be a commenthaton on her blog to benefit TABBY'S PLACE and we hope you will all participate. Tabby's Place is one of the most wonderful places where kitties who would have no hope elsewhere are loved, cared for, and learn to thrive. You can also donate directly to Tabby's Place by going here.

The suddenness with which Sparkle left us has made us stop and think about our own lives, and how important it is to live each and every day fully, enjoying one another and sharing all the love and joy that we were born with.

So our thought for the day is "treasure your family each and every day."

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Woofie Wednesday

Tomaso: Woofs Everyone! I am now past the half-way mark in my course of anti-inflammatories, and #1 says I am doing really well. There is no sign of a limp anymore, but she is being very good about following Dr. C's instructions to keep me from any kind of rough or mad play. It's not an easy job, but she is trying to keep me entertained in other ways.

We have dined out a number of times:

We went on that nice outing to see The Big V's Daddy log:

And we still go on nice walks, even if they are shorter and she doesn't throw anything for me to fetch. But she did let me carry around this great stick yesterday!

See how big it was?

And she has been brushing me a lot…

Plus, I have to keep #1 company as she watches the World Equestrian Games:

Oh, and I am told that, for some, Wednesdays are "Whisker Hump Day" so here is a close-up of mine!

It's a busy life for this Tommy!