Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tommy's Thankful Birthday Thursday!

Tomaso: Greetings to all my friends, and my heartfelt thanks for all your good wishes for my leg. I am not even limping anymore but I have a couple more weeks of meds and "no fun" ahead of me… But after that, #1 are going to the beach for a few days and I am planning to catch up then!

Today is my SEVENTH BIRTHDAY! #1 says she simply cannot believe that so many years have passed since I came to live at Poupounette Central. Back then, my pals were Sen-Chan:

And Auntie Madrac, TOWCB Fernant:

The last seven years have been filled with love and fun. There was the time I went to England with #1 and we travelled around the lake District:

This is one of #1's all-time favourite pics of me:

So many fun times with my kitties:

Lots of flying ears!

My first big snow!

So many different experiences:

Fun times with my pals:

Lots of great portraits:

Here is a pic of me #1 took a couple of days ago:

I love my life, my kitties, the Vs, and my #1, and I know they all love me back. Psssstttt… did you know that today is also my #1's birthday? We have the same birthday which I think is the coolest thing ever. Here is a pic of us a friend took last Friday:

On this day, we are both thankful for everything we have, and looking forward to many more  wonderful adventures together!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Dear Friends. My that Big V had a busy week, didn't he? All that going hither and thither. I hear he was very good and we are all proud of him. I have been having a quieter time but that nice lady from Italy, Ms. S, did some stuff with me! She wanted to try a bitless bridle on me (aka, a hackamore). Look!

And she took me out on the long reins:

She told #1 that I was even more beautiful in real life than in the pics she had seen, and that I had an especially lovely neck!

Our current visitor, Ms. P, took the next two photos. The first one is of #1 bringing me out of my field:

And the next one is of me enjoying my treat bucket:

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! I have been enjoying a well-earned rest after all my "pubic eye" moments. Here is another photo of me from last Friday, which I don't think you have seen before:

And isn't this a nice photo of me riding off into the sunset with Uncle E?

Another really nice one of me out on my drive on Sunday:

And finally, here is one that #1 took of me yesterday:

I haven't yet figured out how to undo that knot, but I am sure I shall soon!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Things are gradually returning to normal after the madness of the last week, but we still happily happily have a visitor in the shape of Ms. P, from Texas, who has house-sat for us several times but is just hanging out with us and #1 this week.

The weather has been generally better this week and there have been some sunpuddles to bask in…

and bathe in…

I have been up on my favourite cat tree in the kitchen:

Dangling away…

When we had our Italian visitors last week, I partook of croissants:

All is really quite satisfactory.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Manly Monday

Tomaso: Woofs, everyone! My official name is now Tomaso, in honour of my beautiful Italian friend, Sofia. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the purrs and woofs. My leg is feeling a lot better but I am still going this afternoon to see Dr. C, so please continue to send good thoughts.

Here is a happy picture of me and Sofia, and Sofia's Dad, taken on Friday:

That girl was so much fun to play with!

We will keep you updated on what Dr. C says.

Genji: I had a very buy time last week playing host to our Italian friends. #1's friend, Ms. S, thought I was absolutely wonderful!

And she was so very sad to say goodbye to me on Saturday, when they returned to Italy.

Da Beebs: Well, I have been keeping a fairly low profile since my Houbibi episode last Thursday…

But I know my #1 still loves just as much!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! After my super-busy day on Friday, I took #1 and some friends for a nice drive on Sunday morning!

And on Sunday afternoon, I returned to my field for a bit of R&R.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. It is cool and rainy again here today.

Vet Update: Dr. C says that the ligament is elongated but not (yet…) torn. So, 20 days of anti-inflammatories and at least two weeks of no running. Poor Tomaso! But it could have been a lot worse.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vidock's Big Day!

Vidock: The Big V here, with stories rom my big day on Friday. First, here I am, arriving on the site. As you can see, my mane is already braided:

But Uncle E still had to braid my tail:

My first presentation was in hand, with the other stallions there. A very nice gentleman called Mr. L presented me because Uncle E had hurt his back and couldn't run with me:

Then, Uncle E presented me on the long reins:

There was a big parade to commemorate the 100 years of the start of World War I and I was ridden by Uncle E at the head of the parade:

Uncle E was dressed as a French army colonel and I had a period saddle with all the equipment that was carried at the time:

I was very proud, and Uncle E was very proud of me:

And so was #1!

I was then presented again in hand and on the long reins. And people came to see me. Look at this special snuggle!

At the very end of the day, Uncle E rode me again in the final parade:

It was such a wonderful day for everyone, and I was a very, very good boy all day.

Now, may I ask you to cross some paws and send some special neighs, woofs and purrs for my bro, Tommy? He is limping pretty badly, and we are all worried. #1 will speak with Dr. C tomorrow.