Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wee Ones on Wednesday

#1 here. I thought I had better come clean about the kittens... At Tommy's birth home, they have lost three dogs and one cat since the spring and so, it was time for a little joy and new life. Little BB (boy) and Millie (girl) arrived a short time ago. and they are now 11 weeks old. They are seriously cute and I confess that I did spend quite a bit of time with them over the weekend...

This is little BB. He has a patch over one eye and what looks like a tiny teardrop!

And this is Millie. She is a dilute orange and grey tabby!

The two spend a great deal of time snuggling together:

Needless to say, they love to play!

It was wonderful getting a kitten fix! Live long and prosper, Millie and BB!


  1. They are even more cute in your photos than they are in real life - how is that possible?????

  2. After much sadness, kittens are sure to bring some joy :)
    They are very cute and you cannot help but smile when watching them :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. oh they are toooo cute for words... al the best to the little purr-things ;O)

  4. they are adorable and we know they will bring their new family lots of joy

  5. After so much sadness, the presence of the little kitties Is certainly a blessing. I always find little ones to be so life affirming. These two are beyond precious. The wide eyed, sincere little boy and his sweet faced sister will certainly bring joy to their new family. Love and kisses to the precious kitties.

  6. The are totally adorable and filled with cute!

  7. Oh, that positively so sweet!!! Is BB in the flower vase? It must be nice for the family to have such adorable sweetness to help them smile through the tears.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Well we, of course, have to love little Millie and BB is a cutie too. They sure look like a couple of sweet kitties.

  9. Those kittens are adorable! We can see why you were cheating, #1. :)

  10. How nice your friends were able to bring more kittens into their home. There's nothing as healing as a fresh start. Thank you for sharing these adorable photos.

  11. Les chatons sont le meilleur remède contre le chagrin. Des boules de facéties, de bêtises.
    Craquants au possible.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat


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