Saturday, 19 August 2017

Solitary SEIturday

Sei-Chan: #1's Japanese visitors left very late on Thursday, so we were looking firward to a nice family weekend when we learned that we were being abandoned! Actually, we are being abandoned by both #1 AND Tommy! It is their birthday(s) on Monday and they are going to the Normandy shore to celebrate it with Tommy's birth family until Tuesday! We are of course devastated at being abandoned, but..... (tee hee hee) Mr. G is looking after us and I LOVE Mr. G!!!!!

Let the snuggling commence!


  1. When you have an awesome pet sitter, it always makes being left behind not so bad!

  2. What a wonderful birthday celebration for Tommy and #1!
    We're glad you have a sitter you love.

  3. Good to see you today, pretty Sei-Chan. We know Mr. G will take very good care of you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. Awww sounds like #1 and Tommy are gonna have a fantastic birthday :)
    I know you'll miss them, but glad you have Mr. G to take great care of you!

  5. Abandoned again :O
    It sounds like you have a thing for Mr G.
    Does he spoil you?
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. We hope #1 and Tommy have a great time on their visit and we know you kitties will be in good hands while they are gone too.

  7. #1 always makes sure you are well cared for when she goes, that's always a good thing! Happy early Birthday wishes from all of us.

  8. Wow you're cute! :) We agree, let's get the snuggling happening right now!

  9. Sei-chan, you know how to turn a frown into a smile!


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