Friday, 18 August 2017

Forever Friday - Ikkyu

#1 here. Mea Culpa on yesterday's post. I was catatonic with fatigue and lost all sense of what day of the week it was... My first lot of Japanese guests has gone. There will be 4 more lots between now and the end of September, by which time I may no longer know what month it is, never mind the day of the week!

Anyway, Friday it actually now is, and I wanted to share with you a few photos of my first cat and first Aby. He was born in japan and came to live with me when he was 7 weeks old. His names was IKKYU:

Shortly after he arrived:

Fully grown and helping me with my work:

He loved tulips:

In France, he liked the back of the sofa, where Genji now likes to sit:

And the radiator by the kitchen window:

And he had a little "Houbibi streak to him too!

 IKKYU: 1992-2007


  1. Ikkyu... what a sweet name for a wonderful little kitty ;o) has his name a special meaning?

    1. Yes! Ikkyu was a very famous Zen monk who lived in the 15th century. He was known for being very wise, but also having a wonderful sense of humour. They made a cartoon series about him on Japanese TV.

  2. Ikkyu had quite an exciting life, being a world traveler! I wish I could have known him.

  3. Ikkyu sounds like he was a really cool cat.
    With all of his traveling, we bet he was fearless too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. A fine kit-cat indeed, thank you for the kind words left on our bloggie:)

    NukNuk & Timber

  5. Angel Ikkyu was handsome! And I'm betting that you'll streamline your technique enough with each set of visitors that you'll have no trouble at all!

  6. Ikkyu was a love! And so very handsome. I feel for you and all the has been a revolving door at our place, I am glad there are no more for a week, perhaps I will get some much needed rest and get over Pneumonia.
    Take care and relax

  7. Ikkyu was very handsome. He left you before we knew you, and so we are glad you shared all these photos of him today. Good luck with your busy weeks ahead. Mom isn't anywhere near as busy as you and she forgets all the time:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Ikkyu looks like he was a very sweet kitty.

  9. He was such a beautiful sweetie! Hope you catch some calm for a bit #1!

  10. You are excused for being confuzzled. You have been a furry bizzy lady with cats, horses and house guests.

  11. Handsome, elegant boy. He did his job well. You fell in love with his breed.


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