Saturday, 20 May 2017

Special Saturday

Tommy: As you know, our #1 is now in Japan. She is currently in Tokyo and this weekend, she is taking part in an amazing festival called SANJA MATSURI. She has been to the festival in the past, when she lived in Tokyo, but this time, she is being hosted by friends who live locally to it, and so she will get to be part of this amazing celebration. Apparently, there are as many as two million people who attend over the three days of the festival!

I wish I could have gone with her. You may recall that I have my very own Japanese festival wear, that she bought me on one of her previous trips.

The character on the back of the shirt says "Matsuri", Japanese for festival! 

Anyway, #1 has said she will do a special post once the festival is over, probably on Monday. In the meantime, here is a pic of me for "Sporting Saturday"!

#1 sent us this photo, taken last nice from her apartment in Tokyo. It looks over the Sumida River to Tokyo Sky Tree:


  1. Wow, awesome photo of Tokyo! My human was there about 25 years ago, and she is sure it has changed lots since then.

  2. That suee is an amazing photo!

  3. #1 is such a lucky lady to have such very nice friends. We know she is going to have a wonderful time at the festival. Tokyo is an incredible city that Mom hopes to be able to visit some day.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  4. You look great in your shirt, Tommy ! Pawsome photo of Tokyo ! Purrs

  5. Wow, how wonderful #1 went to Sanja Matsuri! I've never been to the festival, but it looks so energetic and exciting! And I love Asakusa, it's a lovely place to visit :-) You look very cool in your Matsuri shirt, Tommy!

  6. Such a breathtaking view! Just marvelous !

    Tommy, you're such a dear dog! We're sure if there were any to take you along, your #1 would. You look so adorable in your festival kit. Maybe when she comes home she can create a little mini-festival for all of you.

  7. I know that you guys are missing #1 and she you. What an exciting event she will be attending! It sounds like so very much fun! I am sure #1 will have some spectacular pictures1 And the view from her apartment...WOW!
    Love Barb

  8. Tommy that is so cool you get to have some festival wear all your own! We just know #1 will have SO much fun!


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