Sunday, 21 May 2017

Any Snuggles on Sunday?

Tama-Chan: Well, #1 is gone and we are becoming acquainted with our sitters, Mr. P and Ms. S. We do have a few pics here and there to share with you, starting with this rather sweet one of #1 and Genji, taken shortly before she left:

There is also this nice one of Tommy and a young friend he made at the birthday lunch he and #1 went to last Sunday.

And here I am with Tommy:

Sei-Chan and my Beebs on #1's bed first thing in the morning. That's something they are all missing...

Last but not least, here is little Héloise snuggling up to her mama, Hotesse:

PS: #1 sent us this photo of herself snuggling with a Barn Owl at a owl café in Tokyo. The owls there are very well looked after and look quite happy!


  1. Great snuggle photos, especially considering #1 is already gone! My human wishes she could make friends with a barn owl!

  2. We like the snuggles this week especially Heloise and her mum and #1 with that barn owl :o
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Lovely snuggles! And a barn owl!?! Who would have thunk it!

  4. Lovely snuggle pictures ! #1 is lucky to meet such a friendly owl ! Purrs

  5. Wonderfully fascinating to meet an owl upclose! I love owls! I find them captivating beyong words. Lucky #1!
    How goes it with your sitters? We know you must miss all of the special times with #1. We're keeping our fingers crossed for the rest of the time she's away.
    PS- Little Heloise gets more beautiful each day.

  6. Never a shortage of hugs at The Pouponette!!! Cool shot of #1 with that owl.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. I had lots of snuggles today, I crawled in bed with her and stayed there for hours. We keep each other all warms.

  8. Enjoy those snugges and we'll enjoy your photos!

  9. We're glad you were able to get some snuggles. :)

  10. Aw we think our fave was #1 with Genji!
    So sweet!


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